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It is amazing to me how two people who have very little to do can find so much to do that we can call ourselves busy. I think this is the same phenomenon that retired people go through…not employed but still have a full calendar.

My new job hasn’t started yet and won’t for about a month yet. I hope to interview for a small merchandiser job on Thursday that will fit into the schedule of the other job. I probably won’t know until the last minute. She asked me to keep Thursday afternoon free for her. Luckily nothing else has come up.

Anyway, I did get the jacket cut out. I had to lengthen it about 3/4″ so the waist hits me right. I seldom worry about Back/Waist length since I don’t really have a waist but for this jacket it seemed like a good idea.

I also cut out two bucket hats; one for me and one for my Mom. I hope she likes it. Mom is …shall we say, conservative in her clothing colors choices and she won’t wear red. It was drilled into her as a child that redheads shouldn’t wear red or pink. I have always rejected that rule. My Dad likes seeing me in red and I think he would like to see Mom in a bit of red also.

So this afternoon I hope to get my marking done and maybe some staystitching.

I think staystitching is important particularly for my students who are still learning how to sew and working on their projects over the course of several weeks. Too much pulling or pushing while sewing and all the folding and unfolding and transporting their projects around can lead to stretching.

I was at the fabric store with a student and I mentioned staystitching while we were at the cutting table and the saleslady said she didn’t bother staystitching anything. Now don’t get me wrong, I show my students quicker ways of doing things that don’t jeopardize the finished results but I wish she hadn’t said that because I don’t want them skipping that step, at least for now.

The silk charmeuse dress is on a cutting table and waiting to get ironed and for me to refamiliarize myself with the instructions. I need to see how much fabric I have left and it looks like I didn’t do some of the seam finishing. Once I have it all sorted out then I can decide if my cure for the mistake will work.

Time to head for the Studio. Leaving you in Stitches…


DSC00129The outfit is now complete! It is so exciting to finish a garment! I had to use lots of Wonder Tape to get the hem to cooperate with me but I won. This blouse was made using Simplicity 3990, View F. Unfortunately this pattern is Out of Print.  The fabric is from my stash. I am not certain what the fiber content is but it is drapy and soft; both important things to me.


The pattern is one of those that helps out those of us over a B-cup by having separate pieces for B, C & D cup sizes. It also features and upside down zipper in a side seam. An Invisable zipper is a must here so it doesn’t show. I used ribbon trim around the zipper to make it look better and to make sure the cut end of the zipper doesn’t poke me.

To keep the blouse from looking like a Star Trek uniform shirt, I added three yo-yo’s made from the skirt material. Didn’t really help but it ties the outfit together. I just have to make sure I don’t beam down first while wearing this outfit.

Up next is this fabric DSC00132from Fabricland and







This pattern V1110

Have a great weekend and sew on!

I feel bad not having posted for a few days but frankly, I was lazy this past weekend and have been catching up since then.

Job hunting has preoccupied me for the last couple of weeks. I mentioned before how much I hate job hunting in the best of times but in a recession it is truly the pits. I have 12 resumes out and they are for any position I might qualify for. Last Friday, I had a telephone interview! Yea! The follow up phone interview was this morning and didn’t amount to much but they did offer me the job. Yea!!! All it takes is one. There has been nothing from the other 11 resumes.

Now we can concentrate on Hubby landing the job he interviewed for a week ago. Everyone cross your fingers for him and think good thoughts please.

As for sewing, well, the red blouse has an invisible zipper installed with ribbon trim but the hem is giving me a bit of trouble. Hopefully I can convince it to do what I want it to do over the next couple days, then that outfit will be done. I will post pics of course.

Last night I washed some cotton sateen I got at Fabricland for a jacket and the silk charmeuse dress with the big booboo will be taken out of the container it is in so I can try to fix it.

I always have a couple garments or projects on the cutting table at a time so I can work on them as I have time. Sometimes I have more time available so I work on the project which needs my attention for the longest time and visa versa.

I don’t think I have mentioned on this blog that I am taking the ICS Dressmaking and Design course. This weekend I finished the dressmaking part and started on the design part of the course. I did learn things from the dressmaking part but most was review of things I have learned over the years. The design portion will be all new to me so I am excited to get started.

So that catches you all up on what has been happening in my world.

Thanks for reading my blog and look for the review of the red blouse later this week.

The Ogust shift dress is finally done. DH and I were at the Studio for several hours yesterday so I got the hem in then worked on the red blouse while DH was making windsocks using his mothers old Bernina 830 sewing machine.

Let me tell you about the Ogust fabric I used for this dress. It came from my favorite online fabric store. Catherine Ogust is famous from the 80’s for her bold graphic and color block prints. In this case she showcases bold florals. When I bought the fabric, I thought it was an all over print. When I laid it out on the cutting table, I was befuddled. The bold florals were about 12″ wide, running lengthwise down the center of the 45″ fabric. Down one side was a line of little orange butterflies spaced 12″ apart and down the other side was a lovely border print. Frankly, I didn’t know what to think or do for a couple days.

When I ordered the fabric I planned to make a shift out of it and had Simplicity #2705 bought and ready to go. What I ended up doing was fussy cutting the pieces, one at a time. I decided to center the floral from neck to hem and started at the top of the big blue flower. There is a small yoke piece at the shoulder in the front but not in the back. For the yoke, I fussy cut a butterfly in the middle of the yokes. The back piece was suppose to be on a fold so I added a seam allowance to each back piece then centered the blue flower at the shoulder of the back pieces.


Anyone see the problem with the back pieces? I should have started the back pieces a few inches above the big blue flower so the hems would match. My problem was that I had ordered plenty of fabric for a normal layout but not quite enough to do this fancy layout. I cut the facing pieces out of  leftover fabric. There is a little tab on the back that I fussy cut around a small flower in the border.





Somehow I got ahold of some lousy interfacing and it has compromised the yoke pieces. Since the yokes were not cut on grain, I decided to interface them along with the facings. The interfacing didn’t go on very well. The facings are not a huge problem because they don’t show but the yokes do. They didn’t look bad just not totally smooth so I used them. I may regret that decision. I gave the dress its post-construction wash yesterday and the yokes look bad now. I need to iron it before taking pics for this post. We will see how they look then. I have never had such a problem with interfacing.

So what did I think of the pattern? I liked it. I would recommend it. The only thing that bothered me was the use of bias tape to finish off the armholes instead of facings. I would make facings if I make it again. I left off the pockets and belting and suggest that most women leave off breast pockets as a rule. They draw attention that may not be positive.

I am not one to make a pattern more than once but this may be one of those rare exceptions. It would be a good work outfit with or without a jacket.

Leaving you in stitches!

Upper Back
Upper Back
Top Front
Top Front

PS: Took the pictures today instead of yesterday. The yokes don’t look too bad after I ironed them.