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I would not expect this sort of mistake from Vogue. I am working on my crepe pansy blouse using Vogue 8587. When pinning the upper and lower sections together by matching seams, notches and dots, I was shocked to have extra fabric on the lower front section that wouldn’t pin into place.DSC00174

After all the brain farts I suffered at the start of the project, I naturally thought I have goofed up…again! But no, I had followed the instructions perfectly. Then I looked at the envelope pics and drawings. There I realized it looks like the lower front section should have been gathered just as the lower back section was…all the way across the front.

I used a hand needle and thread to sew gathering stitches and gather it up.  I have stitched the top and lower sections together but haven’t had time to get to the Studio to finish it up. I still have a challenge with the sleeves but the ideal solution came to me in the middle of the night a few night ago so I feel confident I can meet that challenge. I will write about it when I get to that part of construction.

Have a great weekend! Leaving you in stitches!


I don’t know what is wrong with me lately but I keep screwing up on my sewing projects. It is like the instructions get fuzzy between reading and comprehension. Maybe it is old age.

Went to the Studio earlier today and spent 3 hours working on my new blouse. That equals 4 episodes of Project Runway and a bit. Anyway, I would have reached my goal of getting the top sleeve/yoke section done if I hadn’t messed up the first try at the construction. I totally screwed up the back sections. It is a self lined assembly. Luckily I had enough fabric to re-cut the back pieces once and then used a piece of white lining from the jacket material, for the back lining pieces.

So, I got the outer assembly and the lining assembly done. Next up, attaching them together then sewing on the bottom panels. Most of the edges are topstitched and I am using pink thread for seams and topstitching. It will stand out just enough on the finished garment without taking away from the flowers.

Of course I have to keep my head screwed on straight and not mess up the construction any more. I don’t have much fabric left and I got the last of the bolt so messing it up isn’t an option.

While watching the final runway show of Project Runway Season 5, I was inspired to make a skirt out of some black and green plaid taffeta I have. I have a big event coming up that I need a nice outfit for so I will have to think about this some more. I also have to find the fabric. Oh boy, I get to rummage through my stash. I wish I had room for a closet to hang the fabric in. It certainly would be easier to find things.

My sister-in-law wants help with remaking some curtains. I have some fabric put aside to make sheers out of, so later this summer, she and I will be working on some home decorating projects. It has been a lot of years since she has done any sewing so we will have to get her some refresher lessons. I also have a couple chairs I want to slipcover. This will be fun.

I guess that is all I know for now. Happy summer sewing!

Leaving you in stitches…

Did I ever mention that in May 2007 I threw out or gave away most of my wardrobe? I did it to kick start my wardrobe makeover. At the time Hubby and I owned the laundromat and wore uniforms 6-7 days a week. All I needed was a few pairs of pants to go with the polo shirts. I was selling Tupperware then also, so I saved a couple of dressy outfits to wear to parties, family gatherings, business lunches and meetings. Then there were the two knit tops I wore with the pants, for grocery shopping and doctor appointments. No, it wasn’t an exciting life I led then.

I still like those knit tops but they are a couple years old and looking worn so I decided to make a new top. I found a Vogue pattern that looks comfy.V8587Blouse

I am making the tunic with short sleeves. I have had this pattern for a few weeks but didn’t have the right fabric in my stash. As I wandered through Fabricland I found this great poly crepe for 70% off and it had 3 meters left on the bolt. Just what I needed.PansyFabric

So the jacket and the dress I am already working on were moved aside so I can make this blouse. It should go fast as soon as I rip out the first line of stitching  and sew the correct seam together. Ugh!! Not a good start.

I will be at the Studio Friday mid-afternoon if I don’t have to drive to Salmon Arm for work and probably Saturday around lunchtime. Would love to have you join me in air conditioned comfort!

Leaving you in stitches…

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian students and readers. There are few holidays I won’t work during and today is no different. I had a training phone call with another workaholic who is one of my new bosses, this morning. Then I went to the studio thinking I had a student at noon but she didn’t show so I got some work done on the Vogue Jacket. I am still in the prep stage so today I was attaching fusible interfacing to several pieces. I still have a few more to go. I had washed my red blouse and floral skirt so they had to be ironed. All my irons are at the studio so I took it with me to iron.

If you remember the post about the red blouse, you will remember the pictures weren’t very good. One of my new jobs is a representative for a camera company so they loaned us one of their cameras. I took the pics again with this new camera and I think they look better.dscf0217 (2)

Here is pic of the Studio. I am ironing the floral skirt that goes with the blouse.dscf0210 (2)

I have been working on the silk charmeuse dress but it is a comedy of errors in true Shakespearian tragic fashion. I am sure all of us have run into the garment that refuses to cooperate. It isn’t that difficult a pattern but if there is a way for me to mess it up, I have found it. And to top it off, it looks like a black choir robe with a red collar. UGH!!! So if and when I get the neckband on and looking good, I am going to retro-fit a gathered band under the bust and maybe a sash. These are pattern options but should have been put on earlier in the process. I will have to wing it. I am determined to get this dress done and have it be special.

Hubby and puppies visited me while I was there. He took the pics of the studio and I took this cute pic of our Big Missy and Little Missy. The nicknames made sense when Sadie, the black doggie joined the family but she actually is taller then Bea now. Bea is almost 4 years old and Sadie is just over a year old.dscf0225 (2)

I think the bucket hats for me and my Mom are cut out and ready to sew. I better get going on those or summer will be over (if it ever truely shows up) and Mom won’t need it .

The new jobs are interesting and DH and I are enjoying the new challenges. The second new job starts in two weeks and the third one in 3 weeks. Merchandising jobs are a great way to go for flexible work.

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers and myself. Everyone enjoy your holidays! I will get some pictures taken of the  ongoing projects soon.

Leaving you in stitches….