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Thankfully, the cold is leaving me. I still have the sniffles and a bit of a cough but overall, I feel much better than I did a week ago. So now I can tell you about finishing the Pansy Blouse. If you remember, I used this pattern:

I made the blouse with short sleeves. As you also might recall, I messed up my first attempt at making the yoke and had to do it again. I didn’t have enough self material for the yoke back lining so I used some Bemberg white lining I had leftover from another project. Enough about past mistakes let’s talk about the final construction of this blouse, especially the sleeves.

 If you look at the envelope picture, the short sleeves fall almost to the elbows, leaving enough room to hem the sleeve without interferring in the underarm area.  The hem is turned out to the rightside, turned under and topstitched.  In actuality the sleeves are shorter than that and the hem ends up at the underarm curve so there is no way to hem it properly. Since I used lining fabric I couldn’t turn the hem to the rightside. Luckily it is under the arm so it doesn’t show but there is about 2″ of hem that is not attached to anything. And if you made the blouse correctly and hemmed to the rightside of the sleeve, it wouldn’t work at all.

So do I recommend this mis-drafted pattern? Yep. I like the blouse. It is comfortable, airy and pretty. What I do suggest is to cut out the full sleeve then shorten to the desired length and hem. If you want the long sleeve version, you might have to lengthen the pattern piece because it seems to short to be the length on the envelope.

Hubby and I stopped at Polson Park this morning and he took some pics of me and my blouse:DSCF0543DSCF0547

I might even make this again.

The Early Fall Class & Workshop Schedule is out now. Paper copies are available at Fabricland and will be at Findley’s next week. Or you can email for a pdf copy. Space is limited so register early.

Enjoy the rest of summer everyone!

Leaving you in stitches….


…from the almost dead. It is summer cold time and I got a dousy of a cold this year. It started up on Wednesday afternoon and I have had every symptom possible at one time or other over the last few days. Thankfully, this was a slow work week so I could just be sick and not have to worry about any work assignments.

I am feeling better this morning, like I might survive this but I intend to ‘be sick’ all weekend so I can hit the ground running on Monday…or at least a quick walk.

On Wednesday I did finish the Pansy Blouse. It has been wadded up on the kitchen counter since then. Luckily it is poly crepe and doesn’t wrinkle. I will get some pictures taken this weekend and post a pattern review soon.

Ok back to being sick.

Leaving you in stitches…

I just have to report that Julia’s Boeuf Bourguignon is as delicious and yummy as the movie leads you to believe…maybe even better. The house smelled like heaven and everyone loved it.

Definately use a chuck or shortrib beef for this dish. And we added carrots in with the onions at the end. They were a good addition.

The Raspberry Bavarian Cream dessert was equally wonderful. I wanted to lick my plate and I am not a big fan of raspberries. It would also be good with strawberries. The other thing I might do with it would be to leave out the gelatin and serve in a large martini glass with a few whole fruits as decoration.

Both recipes were found online but I hear they will be re-publishing the original cookbook in paperback. I am thinking that would be a good thing to find in my stocking…along with the dvd of the movie.

Sewing day tomorrow! Looking forward to it.

Leaving you in stitches…

Ok, lets talk sewing!

Frankly, I haven’t had much time for sewing in the last couple of weeks and it looks pretty bleak for the rest of the month. My jacket is cut out and ready to sew; the Pansy Blouse is almost done and the charmeuse dress is sitting there mocking me.

I have the issues with the Pansy Blouse all worked out in my head and have had a bit of time to work on it. All I have left is the sleeve hem and the blouse hem. Sounds simple but the sleeve hem isn’t entirely simple. I think I told you I had to use white lining material instead of self-fabric for the upper back lining. Shouldn’t have been a problem but on this pattern the sleeve hem is done by turning the sleeve up an inch, to the outside and sewing it down. That means the white would have shown on the right side of the fabric, on the back of the sleeve. That would be bad!

At first I thought I would use scraps to line the cuff of the lining so the white wouldn’t show but I just couldn’t make it work. I realized that the easiest solution is to turn the cuff to the inside of the garment and sew it down. It should work great. There might still be a flash of white when I move my arms but that can’t be helped.

This past week I held a summer camp for a group of four pre-teen girls. They made pajama shorts that came out great. I realized it had been a long time since I had worked with groups of young girls on Scouting(Guiding, in Canada) projects. I have lost my touch. My daughter is in her 30’s now but when she was a pre-teen and into her teens, I use to work with groups of girls on badge projects all the time. I need more practise.

The next few weeks will be taken up with a lot of work. These merchandising jobs have busy times and not so busy times. This is a busy time for one of my jobs so I won’t have much time for sewing except on Wednesday’s. Maybe I can finish the Pansy Blouse this week.

The Fall Class Schedule is still in progress. The Wednesday classes will continue into September as my jobs settle down and everyone gets settled into the fall routines. Look for a winter coat class and silk blouse class. There will be sloper classes, Beginning & Refresher sewing classes. Open Sewing Classes will continue and there will be classes on Saturday’s. Email me at to get on my emailing list. The Email List gets the first look at the schedule.

Leaving you in Stitches…

We just got back from seeing this fascinating movie. Hint: Take a tissue with you. I laughed and cried and loved the whole thing.

I remember staying home sick from school when I was a kid and watching Graham Kerr’s and Julia Child’s cooking shows, in the morning. I think I like to cook because of watching them. They both used lots of butter and wine. Now I am not a drinker so the wine part is of less interest to me but I do love butter! There is no substitute for real butter! And like Julia, I know almost everything tastes better with butter.

They said the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is in its 49th printing. It will be very popular with the release of this movie. I know I have to have a copy of both volumes.

Hubby wants to try making her Boeuf Bourguignon so I found the recipe online. Maybe next weekend when we have time to prepare it, we will attempt this together.

The costumes for the movie were wonderful. The fifties retro style is ‘in’ right now so it was wonderful to see the hair, hats and styles of that time. Julia/Meryl Streep wears a lovely medium blue cocktail dress with a seamed waist. By that I mean there were probably 6″ long seams placed vertically, an inch or so apart, all around her mid-section from under the bust to the waist. I have seen similar seaming somewhere else recently but I don’t remember where. It looked wonderful on her.

I love hats and there were some great hats in this movie also. It is too bad hats went out of style for daily wear.

I do suggest seeing this movie and I will be waiting for the DVD to come out.

Leaving you in stitches…