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I did get to the Studio this afternoon and got my facing attached to the jacket, got the hem and sleeves started. I watched a couple episodes of Project Runway Season 3 while I was sewing. Watched the dog challenge and the Miss Universe challenge.

That reminded me that I had watched Gown Crazy last night starring Kayne from Season 3. He is still a tornado of activity and was cranking out some beautiful gowns for the Miss Oklahoma pagent. He does like his rhinestones!! Not sure how long the show will last but it is fun to watch for us PR junkies.

Also saw Christian Siriano, the winner of Season 4, and Heidi on Oprah  and Austin Scarlett, from Season 1, on Say Yes to the Dress, yesterday. Heidi has recently given birth to baby number 4, a girl. Christian made her a couture bib. It looked too pretty to use. That was a lot for a PR junkie like me.

Any other PR fans reading this?


I am not much of a fan of Halloween but I love handing out candy. All those kids, big and tiny, are so cute and uplift my spirit. The problem is that we don’t get Trick or Treaters where we live now so we will go to my FIL’s tonight for dinner.  He doesn’t get many kids either. Then we all go to the fireworks at Kal Lake Beach. I had never heard of fireworks on Halloween before moving here. Seems odd but it is a great family event and fun to do after Trick or Treating.

I got some work done on the Vogue Jacket this week. I selected the shoulder pads and test fitted the body of the jacket. it looks good. My DH has to work today so I plan to go to the Studio to sew for a couple hours this afternoon. Want to get the facing sewn on, and seams finished and the sleeves started.

I also plan to make a couple kinds of bar cookies this morning. Looking forward to doing it. I seem to be in a baking mood lately. Must be the gray sky and short days. I have made a couple cakes lately also. I definately don’t need the calories so I will give some away.

Have a great weekend! Leaving you in Stitches…

I was watching Say Yes To The Dress the other day and there was a bride in for her first fitting who was very upset over the neckline of her dress. She was certain the dress was suppose to have a sweetheart neckline but it arrived with a straight neckline. The alterations lady was certain it didn’t come with a sweetheart neckline and set out to prove the bride wrong. She looked it up on the designers website and lo and behold, it did have a sweetheart neckline option.

Now the reason this was so interesting to me was that the dress looked horrible on the bride. The dress was white with a net overlay over the bust up to the neck. The overlay was sleeveless and the satin bodice under the overlay was strapless. With the satin bodice going straight across, this dress looked homemade and dowdy on that bride. I couldn’t believe how bad it looked on her.

So the dress was redone to a sweetheart neckline and at the next fitting the dress looked beautiful on the bride and she was all smiles again. What made all the difference? A shallow V shape with a slight bit of rounding to it. This was a very minimal change to the shape of the bodice and it made all the difference in the world. The dress went from dowdy to beautiful.

This story points out how important the smallest details are when we shop for or design or make clothing. One little detail can take us from scullery maid to Cinderella!

Keep in mind that the details that work for you might not work for your best friend. The straight neckline might look great on someone else but not on that bride. So my point is to look for the details and learn how you can tweak an outfit or a pattern to suit you. Be honest with yourself and always pay attention to the details.

Leaving you in Stitches…

Cards like this can keep you from not getting enough fabric or getting way too much. They are worth buying if you don’t win them.

YEA!!! I was so excited to finish the main part of the Hong Kong seam finishing on Wednesday night. I actually sewed the first seam before heading home. This project has been on the table for too long to be only this far.

The one thing that slowed me down was figuring out where to start. There are two views and I am making the simpler version and there is a lot of fitting instructions to sort through. I finally figured out I needed to start with instruction #38, I think it was.

I think what Sandra Betzina is trying to do with this pattern is great but the way the instructions are laid out is confusing and would be tough for a novice sewist to work through. I guess we will see how this progresses. I have high hopes for the rest of the instructions.

Leaving you in stitches…

kreativ_awardThank you Gwen! See Gwen at All My Seams Blog. She is listed on my sidebar as Gwen Sews.

So the Award requires that we tell everyone 7 things about ourselves that our readers might not know. Since few of you know much of anything about me, this should all come as news to you.

1. I am a natural redhead. Apparently only 2% of the population are true redheads. That is some pretty exclusive company. I mention this because of Gwen.

2. I have a dream to be fashionable, stylish and cause comment everywhere I go. Unfortunately, I sew slow and can’t find thigh high pantyhose here in Canada, that suit me. But I will keep plugging away and pickup thigh highs the next time I am in the States.

3. I was widowed at 29 years old and left to raise 3 children on my own. Thank goodness for my parents who are my rocks.

4. I have lived in Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana, California, Japan, California, Spain, California, Texas, California, Montana and back to New Mexico.

5. I now live in Vernon, British Columbia Canada with my second husband, Mike. We have been married 4 years and he still puts up with me. He is a saint! He supports me in everything I do!

6. I have degrees in Business Management, Law Enforcement and Computer Science. I have studied Modeling, Sewing and currently am taking the ICS course in Dressmaking and Design.

7. And my life would not be complete without my children Jen, Jeremy and Chris; my daughters-in-law Daen and Megan; my sin-in-law Tim and my precious grandson Gavin. All are smart, accomplished and the reason I work so hard. It costs more to go see them from Canada.

If you think you deserve this award, feel free to take it and post a link to it.

Leaving you in Kreativ stitches…

A four day weekend is like heaven! A four day work week isn’t so good.

I didn’t have to work yesterday. Loved it. Hubby and I worked hard the other four days of last week and will be busy next week so I plan on enjoying the weekend.

I will be at the Studio this afternoon for a couple hours. There wasn’t much sewing time this week and I have projects stacked up so I need to get moving. Hopefully tomorrow I will get sometime in at the Studio also.

Tonight I am making Quiche from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking which Hubby got for his birthday on Wednesday. He likes mushroom and I like spinach so I am making both. I haven’t made Quiche in years so I hope they turn out well.

Monday we are having a family Thanksgiving dinner at Hubby’s brothers’ house and I am making pumpkin pies for dessert.

I am still working on the Hong Kong seam finishing on the Vogue jacket. Progress is being made. Hopefully I can finish that part this weekend so I can start construction. It should go together fairly easy…knock on wood.

Ann, over at Gorgeous Fabrics (see Sidebar) has made a couple tops from Simplicity 2603. I have been looking for a similar pattern for a top to make from some fabric I bought from her. I didn’t notice the top because the envelope is more about the Cardi-wrap that goes over it. I may or may not make the Cardi-wrap but the top is what I have been looking for. Unfortunately it only goes up to size 24 and I need at least a size 26. Guess I will be adjusting it. Shouldn’t be a problem. Famous last words, right?!

So I am off to get ready to go to the Studio. You all have a great weekend!

Leaving you in stitches…