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I am so sorry, my dear Blog friends, that I haven’t posted for awhile. Work has been busy and we did American Thanksgiving on Friday with all my Canadian Family. DH and I work well together when getting the house and the food ready for family gatherings. Our next one will be a luncheon on Boxing Day, with a Spanish theme. There will be Paella, Ensalada Russa, White Gazpacho and other goodies.

I have spent some time in the Studio this past week and hope to spend a few hours there this afternoon. I tried to get the red sparkly blouse done for Thanksgiving but got stopped at the buttons.

Ladies, I love buttons and have lots of them; old buttons, new buttons and specialty buttons; fancy buttons, plain buttons and weird buttons. Do you think I could find four buttons, in the right shade of red, the right size and the right quantity? No, of course not. So yesterday I went to Fabricland and bought buttons for the red blouse and for the purply one that is on the main cutting table.

Also on a cutting table is a Christmas theme, pre-quilted fabric I just couldn’t resist. Looks like placemats for gifts will be its fate. I really don’t have time to get fancy. I have one box sent off to the states so that leaves me three more and they all need a couple placemats in them.

The blouses go together pretty easy so I am thinking ahead to my red coat and skirt project. Since they are for winter wear, I need to get them done before winter is over.

Next weeks work schedule is a killer. I have to make two trips to Kelowna/Westbank. Looks like Tuesday will be a nice travel day but Friday is looking a bit uncertain. I have sewing classes on Wednesday night, Thursday daytime and Saturday afternoon. Let me know if you want to join in the sewing fun on Wednesday or Saturday.

Update later in the day:

I did spend some time at the studio this afternoon but not as much as I wanted to. I got the buttonholes in the red sparkly blouse and the button placement marked. I will sew the buttons on this evening. They are shank buttons otherwise I would have used the sewing machine to attach them. I finished cutting out the purply blouse and made a bit of a start on it. Besides ironing some linen napkins we used for Thanksgiving, that is about all I got done. I will post pictures and a review of the red blouse as soon as I can.

I am off to finish the laundry and fix dinner. Leaving you in Stitches…


I put a Janome 1000 CP Coverstitch/coverhem machine on Layaway today. This display model is the last one in the store. I have been oogling it for many months and decided today was the day to make it mine. Of course, I have to wait until I pay it off but it is good to know it is just a matter of time.

I have a couple dresses that need their hems replaced. This machine will do the trick well. I need to do some browsing for YouTube ‘how to’ video’s and other sites with information on how to get the most out of this machine. Let me know if you know of any good ones.

FYI, there seems to be something new on the way to replace it.

I also have my eye on a new serger but that will have to wait a little longer.

Happy sewing!

Life has been very busy lately which is good but it hasn’t left me with much time to write for the Blog. It took me several days to get the Clapper article written and in the end I just threw it up there. So I thought I would catch you up on what I have been doing.

I had bought some fleece awhile ago to make a blanket out of for my Grandson. I decided I was actually going to do that as part of his Christmas gifts this year. I am leery of sewing clothes for him because he has gotten so big and I haven’t seen him in person in over a year. We do Skype calls but that isn’t the same. When I looked at the cute zoo print fleece I realized it was a one way print, in the wrong direction so I made the decision to make a bathrobe aout of it for him. I called my DH the Elder and his lovely wife and was told he was 43″ tall and 43 lbs. The doctor told him he was square. Gavin disagreed…he was people shaped! So I bought a robe pattern and some red fleece because I didn’t have enough zoo print.

Those are little lion buttons on the pockets. I haven’t worked with fleece in years so it took me a couple seams to get the hang of it. It came out pretty good and he will love the hood on it.

I stopped work on the Vogue jacket to make the robe and I think it will wait until I make a couple more blouses. I have three blouses I wear regularly and I am bored. I have two fabrics ready to make blouses out of so I started the red one.

It is hard to see in the picture but this has nubby sparklies in random sunburst patterns all over it. It is so lovely for this time of year. It is a poly fabric with some crosswise stretch and it was bought at Fabricland recently. I am making View B (fifth one down) of this pattern I used to make my last red blouse, last summer.

I plan to make the second blouse like the picture on the envelope, the tuxedo look.

I plan to go to my sewing machine store today and put a coverstitch machine on layaway, if they haven’t sold it already. It is the display model. I will take pictures and tell you all about it in my next post.

I think that is all for now. I am planning my American Thansgiving dinner for my Canadian family for next weekend. I have to get the presents for my Grandson and his parents wrapped this weekend and mailed off on Monday. We are sending an advent thing so he needs to get it soon.

Happy sewing everyone! Leaving you in Stitches…

I wanted to write about the importance of pressing as you construct clothing but another blog beat me to it and I didn’t want to look like a copy cat or something so I set the topic aside for a time. But I would like to talk about pressing equipment.

In my classes I emphasize the importance of pressing after each seam sewn. “Sew, Press, Sew, Press…” is a common thing for me to repeat several times during the course. Pressing is so important to the success of a project, it can’t be repeated enough.

What is the difference between ‘ironing’ and ‘pressing’? Ironing is what you do to clothes that you wear and wash. It involves the iron moving back and forth and side to side to remove wrinkles and straighten/flatten seams. It is also something we don’t do enough.

Pressing involves less movement and more up, down movement and pressure. It also involves a variety of accessories to get the job done right. My favorite pressing tool is the Clapper.dscf0616

Clappers come in different sizes. I prefer a bigger one that fits in my hand and covers more area. I like the finger groove on the side so it doesn’t slip out of my hand. It would hurt if it fell on my toe. If you have a handy hubby, he might make one for you. Just make sure it is smooth. Mine seems to have a thin sealer on it. Most fabric stores sell them.

The Clapper is traditionally used in tailoring but it has several uses for our non-tailored clothing and other projects. The main use of the Clapper is to persuade seams to stay put. When you press seams open or press facings into place, they often don’t want to stay where we want, so we press and press and press to no avail. With a Clapper, we can press once then place the Clapper over the pressed area, press down a bit and wait for the fabric to cool down. Voila’ the seam is flat and stays put. This is great for fabrics that can’t be steamed or can’t stand much heat.

My next way to use a Clapper is when applying fusible interfacing. The steps to successful fusing is to use the Silk setting on your iron, no steam of course then layout your fabric and interfacing on the ironing board. Cover part of the fabric with a press cloth, do two passes with a spray water bottle over the press cloth. Don’t over wet the press cloth. Place the iron on the first section to be fused, hold down for 15 seconds, lift up and place the Clapper over the area just fused and move to the next section. No need to press down on the Clapper. As you fuse each section, have the iron overlap the previously fused section by a bit.  Have the Clapper follow you as fuse. This method is full proof. All the interfacing stays fused.

Pressing is so neccessary for great sewing results and using the Clapper is one of the best helpers you can have.

Leaving you in Stitches…

DH has started working at London Drugs recently and last night, on his break, he looked there for a copy of THREADS for me and he found one that was put together correctly!!! YEA!!! I was so excited. It was late so I only read up to the Trims article so I have that to look forward to later today.

I still have not heard back from THREADS about my email but I suppose it is a moot point now.

I hope to get a post up this weekend about my favorite piece of pressing equipment.

Leaving you in Stitches…

I bought the November issue of Threads Magazine the other day and looked forward to that evening when I could enjoy reading it. There are some beautiful trims pictured on the cover and I love beautiful trims!

That evening I slowly turned the pages as I read, savoring the anticipation of the article about trims. I got to about page 27 and the section that talks about new patterns that have been tested by expert sewists and there, on the facing page, was an ad for woodworking somethings. I turned the page and there was more woodworking content! I looked at the bottom left corner and it said this was from Fine Woodworking Magazine! I turned the next page and the next and the next and they were all about woodworking. I was shocked and horrified!

I finally hit the end at about page 51 but the missing Threads content was still missing!

I returned the magazine to the store and got my money back since all the copies there had the problem. I checked another store today and their copies were all the same.

I emailed Threads last night asking how to get a proper copy of the issue but I haven’t heard back from them.

I know a bit about printing and I am sure this is isolated to a portion of the total run. Someone was high or asleep or blind when they loaded that section into the binding machine. Taunton Press has many magazines they publish so it could have been worse…it could have been gardening content. I have a purple thumb and allergies. Don’t like gardening much.

Now I don’t mind reading about woodworking because I am a closet DIY-er and owner of power tools and my own table saw BUT not in the middle of my sewing magazine.

I hope to get ahold of a complete copy as I check other stores in town. Wish me luck.

Enjoy reading your copies of THREADS and think of me.