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I am so looking forward to 2010. 2009 was not our best year mostly because of being under-employed and totally unemployed for portions of the year.

But we are ending the year on a high note…our commercial building has finally sold and Mike has two jobs he likes and I have three jobs I like. We still don’t equal fulltime for both of us but it is way better than it has been most of 2009, so I will take it and be happy!

So I start 2010 with some work to do and the call of several sewing projects awaiting me.

I wish you all a great 2010 and a wonderful array of interesting sewing projects!


If you haven’t picked up the DVD Valentino – The Last Emperor, I found it at Wal Mart on a special discounted DVD’s display, at the front of the store. It is $5 CDN. These discounted specials don’t usually last for long so if you are interested, I would check your local Wal Mart soon.

If anyone finds it discounted in the US, please let us know.

I asked for only one thing this year and that was help paying for my Cover Hem machine, that is on layaway. My Canadian family gave me a bit of chocolate and receipts for payments on my layaway! They are the best family.

My DD, Jen sent me a Gift Cert for so I can buy some sewing and/or fashion books or DVD’s. There is so much to choose from…how will I ever choose?

I got lots of chocolate and some DVD’s and a pie bird. The pie bird was made by a local artist. I think it is bigger than histoically accurate but it should work well with my apple pies in the fall.

Today, I spent some time with a friend at the Studio. She is working on some casual pants and I got some work done on the purple blouse. I will have to find time to work on it this week if I want to wear it on New Years Eve. The way this pattern goes together, I was able to put in the buttonholes before the fronts and back were attached. This made it so much easier since I didn’t have to fight with a bunch of fabric.

Have a great week! Leaving you in stitches…

The Winter Class Schedule for the Studio is now available. Email for your copy. You can also pick up copies at Fabricland and Findlay’s in Vernon, starting later this week. The Schedule is also posted on the door of the Studio, if you are in the area.

Besides the usual Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon Open Sewing and Saturday Beginning/Refresher Sewing classes, I am offering some project classes.

Sew a Winter Coat and Sew With Silk will be held on Monday evenings. In another class, you can make your own personal set of Slopers/Blocks to get a better fit from commercial patterns and for designing your own patterns.

Mark your calendar for the Winter SEW-CIAL on Feb 6th, 10-3pm. Fabric, Food and Fun are the order of the day. There will be drawings and a catered lunch. Register before Jan. 23rd and get an extra ticket for the drawings.

Leaving you in stitches…

Oh geez, what a busy few weeks I have had! My merchandising  job has been very busy making sure that when customers arrive at the store they see neat and filled  displays to shop from. It is a great job but at this time of year it is very demanding.

And because of all the work, sewing has taken a backseat. I did get a set of two placemats made to send with one of the Christmas packages but the other four placemats are still on the cutting table.  The purple blouse is not as far along as I had hoped. I want to wear it for one of the family get-togethers over the holidays. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will get time next weekend to work on it.

Some time ago I suggested the library get Clair Schaffer’s book Couture Sewing and they did it. And I get first look at it! It has been interesting reading so far. I try to read some each evening so I should be ready to comment sometime early next year. There are some specific techniques I am looking to learn about and this book looks like it will have the info. I was actually looking to see the book before I bought it. I think it will be one I will need to own.

Project Runway Season 6 wrapped up a week ago here in Canada and I want to write about it but I will have to wake up first. Since I was too old to lust after Logan, this season turned out to be dull for me. I just couldn’t get excited about any of the designers. The finalists were the best of the lot but they didn’t excite me much. I hope they get back to more interesting designers for Season 7.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am thrilled that I will actually qualify for a Seniors discount at Zeller’s. I have been waiting for this. If I have to get older, I want discounts!!

Have a great last few days before Christmas!

One of the interesting things I can see in the stats section of my Blog, is different searches people use that send them to my Blog. Most of the time the searches are pretty easy to see why my Blog was part of the search results and not cause for comment.

However, there was one search that caught my eye. Someone was wondering how to do a Hong Kong seam finish on a curve. This got me to thinking about what they might be sewing that had curves tight enough to warrant this question.

Since we use bias strips for Hong Kong finishes, they handle the gentle curves of side and princess seams well without needing to do anything special.

I have done the Hong Kong finish on armhole seams and I trimmed the seam allowance and attached the bias tape close to the seam line to reduce bulk under the arm. It worked well for that dress.

So to answer the question I assume they were asking, if you have a tight curve what do you do different when using a Hong Kong finish? If it is a Convex curve you need to clip and trim the seam allowance, then sew the bias strip close to the seam. The bias strip will follow the curve around with possibly a little stretching along the fold over the seam allowance. The stretch should steam in well.

For a Concave curve there will be too much fabric so cut little triangles out of the seam allowance, trim the seam a bit and again sew the bias strip close to the seam under the points of the triangles. Again, pressing should set the seam nicely.

I must say two things though. First, I have never done this but experience says these methods should work fine. Second, as with all new things, try it out on scrap fabric first to see if it works and to refine the technique for your particular combination of fabrics.

Too bad the original person doing that search probably won’t see this answer.

Leaving you in Stitches…

And I have worn it twice already. It is confortable and looks nice. The sparkly part is hard for the camera to pick up but it sparkles in the light of my computer screen here in my dark office.

The fabric is not exactly right for this pattern but it worked well. The pattern, S3990, is for woven fabrics. My material has a lot of crosswise stretch and no lengthwise. Crosswise stretch is a good thing; I can move my arms freely and it doesn’ add too much difficulty to the sewing. I had to use twill tape on the shoulder seams and use a stretch stitch on the hems but the rest went together normally.

I look more and more like my Dad everyday with my double chin. Anyway, the bust is a bit off but I need the width for my tummy so I don’t worry about the bust too much. But I could bring the shoulders in some. I may try putting shoulder darts in on the purply blouse.

Obviously I am making the blouse again in a purply fabric. This one will have tuxedo pleats down the front. I think it will be shorter but I will make that decision when it is almost done.

I still like this pattern. The instructions are good and it would be good for someone with only a few garments under their belt.

I bought a great flimsy, sparkly, black scarf a couple weeks ago and it looks good with this blouse. It dresses it up nicely. Or I can wear ir to work like I did today.

Leaving you in Stitches…