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Red Sparkly Blouse Done

Posted on: December 2, 2009

And I have worn it twice already. It is confortable and looks nice. The sparkly part is hard for the camera to pick up but it sparkles in the light of my computer screen here in my dark office.

The fabric is not exactly right for this pattern but it worked well. The pattern, S3990, is for woven fabrics. My material has a lot of crosswise stretch and no lengthwise. Crosswise stretch is a good thing; I can move my arms freely and it doesn’ add too much difficulty to the sewing. I had to use twill tape on the shoulder seams and use a stretch stitch on the hems but the rest went together normally.

I look more and more like my Dad everyday with my double chin. Anyway, the bust is a bit off but I need the width for my tummy so I don’t worry about the bust too much. But I could bring the shoulders in some. I may try putting shoulder darts in on the purply blouse.

Obviously I am making the blouse again in a purply fabric. This one will have tuxedo pleats down the front. I think it will be shorter but I will make that decision when it is almost done.

I still like this pattern. The instructions are good and it would be good for someone with only a few garments under their belt.

I bought a great flimsy, sparkly, black scarf a couple weeks ago and it looks good with this blouse. It dresses it up nicely. Or I can wear ir to work like I did today.

Leaving you in Stitches…


2 Responses to "Red Sparkly Blouse Done"

Look at you, all holiday festive! Nice blouse. I couldn’t find the patttern. Boo!


Oh shoot they discontinued the pattern. 😦 That is so frustrating!

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