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Posted on: December 5, 2009

One of the interesting things I can see in the stats section of my Blog, is different searches people use that send them to my Blog. Most of the time the searches are pretty easy to see why my Blog was part of the search results and not cause for comment.

However, there was one search that caught my eye. Someone was wondering how to do a Hong Kong seam finish on a curve. This got me to thinking about what they might be sewing that had curves tight enough to warrant this question.

Since we use bias strips for Hong Kong finishes, they handle the gentle curves of side and princess seams well without needing to do anything special.

I have done the Hong Kong finish on armhole seams and I trimmed the seam allowance and attached the bias tape close to the seam line to reduce bulk under the arm. It worked well for that dress.

So to answer the question I assume they were asking, if you have a tight curve what do you do different when using a Hong Kong finish? If it is a Convex curve you need to clip and trim the seam allowance, then sew the bias strip close to the seam. The bias strip will follow the curve around with possibly a little stretching along the fold over the seam allowance. The stretch should steam in well.

For a Concave curve there will be too much fabric so cut little triangles out of the seam allowance, trim the seam a bit and again sew the bias strip close to the seam under the points of the triangles. Again, pressing should set the seam nicely.

I must say two things though. First, I have never done this but experience says these methods should work fine. Second, as with all new things, try it out on scrap fabric first to see if it works and to refine the technique for your particular combination of fabrics.

Too bad the original person doing that search probably won’t see this answer.

Leaving you in Stitches…


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