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I admit it, I am a Project Runway fan-atic! When I am alone in the Studio, I sew and watch PR. I have 5 seasons on DVD and just pre-ordered Season 6 from

Season 7 started a weel ago last Saturday and if the first two episodes are any indication, this will be a great season. Frankly, I thought Season 6 sucked. I guess there needs to be a clunker in every bunch. Even though I thought it was a clunker, for the sake of continuity, I need the DVD of Season 6.

The Potato Sack Challenge was very interesting. When Tim told them about the Challenge, I immediately thought of the I Love Lucy episode, when they are in Paris. Lucy and Ethel end up wearing flour sacks out in public when their husbands won’t let them buy new clothes.  Ricky and Fred caved but the next day, as they were sitting at a sidewalk cafe wearing their designer clothes, coming down the sidewalk are two fashionable women wearing flour sacks. They had unwittingly caused a fashion fad.

Some of the Potato Sack dresses were great and wearable! I had a couple favorite; Amy’s flippy dress and Jay’s burlap flower dress. And we all relearned the lesson that when Tim speaks, it is a good idea to listen. The bottom three designers haven’t paid attention to previous seasons and seem destined to repeat history.

Did they put lining in those dresses? They would be terribly itchy without it.

How would you have handled this Challenge? I would want to maintain the essence of the sack so I would have worked with it as it was on the model. I think I would have started with tightening the waist with several seams (inverted pleats) from the waist to just under the bust all the way around the body. I would have made it sleeveless and extend the shoulder past model’s shoulder by an inch or so forming a tailored cap-type sleeve. Then it needs to be taken in a bit in the side seams just under the arms. I like V-necks so I would have made a facing to make that element. I would not have dyed the burlap so I would have opted for some bling as trim and maybe a belt. In my head the pleating over the bust and hips looks good. Probably doesn’t look as good at the upper back.

I need one of those neat HP note pads they gave the designers. I am such a geek sometimes. Gotta have the latest technology, don’tcha know. Hubby looked them up on the internet and they are a bit expensive. Maybe they will come down in price soon.

Can’t wait for next Saturday and the next challenge!


I am excited to have these two machines in my Studio. The first is the Janome CP1000 Cover Hem machine that I had on layaway. I have already used it to re-hem a dress I made a couple years ago. It did a fabulous job! I am anxious to use it again.

The second is a Janome 1100D Serger. I sold the last of my laundromat machines and used the money to buy this wonderful serger. So far, it is hands down better than my 13 year old machine that had to go to the shop if I even breathed on the tension dials.

I used it to serge the seam allowances of my coat project. It did a fabulous job! (I am repeating myself but I am so in love with these new machines)

Students can use these machines for their projects; just contact me to book an appointment. The cost of using them will depend on how much help and instruction you need.

Leaving you in Stitches…