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Get’em while their hot!


Went scrapbooking last night. My Creative Memories Consultant, Lisa, does these 4pm to 11pm Crops once a month. She holds it at a catering businesses kitchen so we get really great food for dinner. There is an area off the kitchen that they don’t use so we set up tables and about 16 of us can work comfortably.

We were fed Chicken and Artichoke pizza and salad with strawberry dressing. Yummy! And the desserts were yummy too!

The best part last night was that I got the wedding album for my youngest son and his wife’s wedding 18 months ago, done…completed…ready to mail. I have been working on it, only at cropping sessions for the last few months. I had wanted to complete it to take with me to Albuquerque earlier this month but I was just too busy to get it done. I will take it to the UPS Store on Monday.

My next project is a family cookbook. I have most of the recipes entered into a digital scrapbook. All I need now is pictures to go with each recipe.

Out in the garage, the very worst place for them to be, is a big plastic bin of photos from the kids childhoods. The first thing I have to do is sort these all out then scan them into my new laptop separating out the ones to use in the cookbook. Then I can have as many copies of the book, as I need, made and sent to me. So simple!

We spent a week or two, for many summers, in Sun Valley Idaho. It was a favorite time of year for us all. So those pictures will be my next project. Our Sun Valley Memories. What is great is I just have to make one book then print one off for each of the kids and for myself. I might aim for Christmas for this project.

I am off to the Studio in alittle bit. Have to take all my goodies from Albuquerque over there and put them away.

Be creative today!

There are some drawbacks to being an American living in Canada and one of them is no USA Today. So when I travel by air, the first thing I buy on American soil is a copy of USA Today. I have been a fan of this newspaper since its inception.

I noticed it seemed a bit thinner than than I remembered from the past but we are in a reccession so I guess I am happy the paper was still there. I usually save it for the next plane flight instead of reading it in the terminal. I always have a book or magazine to read, in the carry-on.

Anyway, there was on article in the April 8th edition about truckers who have longer waits between loads, filling their time with quilting or knitting or even garment sewing. They are doing these activities in their sleeper cabs! Most have picked up these pursuits from their wives, who, inturn, are blown away by what these guys are producing.

It made me smile to think of these truckers bent over a sewing machine in the cramped confines of their sleeper cabs, producing quilts and shirts or knitting slippers and scarves. Then I think how I complained about having to sew in a small bedroom in my house.

Then again, maybe I don’t want to think about that!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to look into this blog over the last few weeks despite nothing new being posted. I started this post on April 4th but was not able to finish it before heading out on vacation April 8th.  Unfortunately, the place I stayed didn’t have internet in the guest rooms. I will explain further in another post. When I got back on the 14th, I had to do a weeks worth of work in two days then spent the weekend getting the house cleaned up and laundry done. Now I am in the middle of a very busy week. But, my Open Sewing Class was cancelled for tonight so I will finish this post then I can post about my vacation/holiday.

My work has kept me hopping for the last couple of weeks. I have spent precious little time in the Studio. I got some squares cut for two patchwork baby quilts. I had planned to take the quilt top projects with me on vacation but traveling with a sewing machine and a laptop requires more carry on than I am allowed to cross the border with.

I am flying from BC to Albuquerque on Thursday and they only allow one carry on on the flight from Kelowna to Seattle. I don’t trust baggage handlers with either my machine or laptop and they both won’t fit into the smallish sized carry on they do allow. The laptop has to go so the sewing machine stays home. The rest of the trip, two carryons is not a problem, just leaving Canada for the US. Not fair! Damn terrorists!

With all my work done I was able to spend a few blissful hours at the Studio yesterday. I decided to make some gifts to take with me so I bought some potholder batting and made trivets.

They are tied up in twos so I am showing you all of them I did. Most were squares I had cut for other projects. They are basically 6″ and 6 1/2″ squares which makes the trivet size. A potholder size would be an 8″ square or bigger and the coaster size is a 5″ square. Use a Charm pack for a really quick project.  The coasters don’t need the batting.

Three years ago a friend gave me a set of these potholders in Christmas fabrics and every year they hang from the knobs on the kitchen cabinets for the Holiday season. Some of you have seen these before, I’m sure but for those who haven’t seen these, here are the instructions.

Each one needs six squares. The first square in laid face down on the table. This square will end up inside, unseen, so use a square you don’t like. Next lay the batting on top of the first square. I discovered it is easier to sew if the batting is the same size as the fabric. Next lay a square face up on top of the batting. This one will end up as the backing so make it a nice one.

Take the four remaining squares to the ironing board and press them into triangles, wrong sides together.

Back at the table lay a triangle on top of the pile with its corners even with the corners of the pile.

Lift up the exposed corner of the first triangle you laid down then lay down the last triangle and replace the lifted section.

 Next I pin the layers together using flower head pins. These pins are great for any thick projects due to their length and flexibility. I have been using them as I construct my new winter coat. You will find them on the notions wall in fabric stores with the other pins and/or with the quilting notions. I have recently seen them with butterfly heads and there are some Project Runway ones with button heads.

Next sew a 1/4″ seam all the way around.

Then cut off the corners and any extra batting to reduce the bulk around the edges.

Now stick your fingers through the center of the piece and turn it inside out.

After a quick pressing, it looks nice.

I put two together with a ribbon and they were a big hit with my family.

I will probably use up some Christmas fabric I have in my stash to make some of these for stocking stuffers.

Leaving you in Stitches…