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To my fellow Americans…Have a great Memorial Day! Whether you are planning a family dinner/potluck/picnic or are stuck in traffic trying to get home, please remember our service men and women who died thoughout our history, to preserve our right to do these things freely! What a great country we have!

Myself, I will be getting a massage then doing some work, same as I did last Monday on the Canadian three day weekend. Well not the massage but the work.

My first blouse is almost done. I just need to decide if I need the zipper. It is a very stretchy knit, in both directions so I am thinking not. Then some hemming needs doing then it will be done. Maybe I can get alittle time at the studio this afternoon.

I will be making the second blouse to coorespond to a knits class I am teaching on Tuesday this week and next. It is an easier design compared to the first one.

My diet is going well. Counting calories is easy and I am seldom hungry. We had a family dinner last night for my BIL’s birthday so I fell off the diet a bit. I have lost more than 10 pounds but I am fluctuating a bit between 11 and 13 pounds. I need to make a few changes to when I eat and see if that helps. Eating late at night is how I put a lot of this weight on in the first place. Hubby gets off work at 10pm several times a week. I think he will be eating his dinner while I watch him.

Whether you are dieting or not, you must try the Breyers 120 calorie Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. I will be eating these long past this diet. They are so yummy! A close second is the Skinny Cow chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich. These are excellent low calorie choices for your summer snacking.

Everyone have a fabulous day! Do something creative…if you can find time today!


The Day Camp Schedule is done! Email for your copy. Or the schedules will be at Fabricland and Findlay’s within the next few days.

This year I am offering one day, Day Camps, held on Monday’s from 9am to 4pm. Each Camp is a different project except the last one which will allow you to pick the project you want to do.

The cost of the Camp includes snacks, lunch, fabric and patterns.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Victoria Day weekend to all my Canadian readers. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend more than I. So far today I have been doing laundry and doing work on my computer. No fun yet. Hubby is working all day so it is just me and the doggies.

I did get to the Studio yesterday and worked on one of my new blouses. I am doing some nice scarf-like rolled hems on some stretch Chantilly Lace that is giving a good look so far. I think I am just about ready to assemble all the pieces into a lovely knit blouse.

The other knit top should go faster since it doesn’t have too much fussy stuff about it.

Work has been killer the last couple of weeks. I have to work tomorrow, (no holiday for me) to finish up what I couldn’t get done last week. This never happens to me so I am bummed about it. Then I will have a short week to get next weeks work done. Wish me luck! I think a bunch of work got pushed back and now we are paying the price. Hopefully it will even out over the next few weeks.

I started a new diet on Monday. It is called the 400 Calorie Fix and it is put out by Prevention Magazine. So far so good. I prefer calorie counting diets, they fit my needs better. My schedule is nuts and I have Crohn’s so I can make this diet work for me. So far I have lost 8 pounds eating 4-400 calorie meals a day. I would definately recommend it. You can see it at And no, I am not being paid to push the diet…I just like it.

I think I mentioned my intention to get at least an hour in at the Studio each day but as you might imagine tht hasn’t happened. I will keep trying. I hope to get there today for a bit if I get my work done. I have to get some paperwork to the accountant early next week so I will be here a bit longer.

Oh and my eldest son graduated from the Methodist Theological School  yesterday with his Masters of Divinity. He has worked so hard to get here! I am very proud of him. I was going to attend his graduation but he asked me not to. I think I should have gone anyway but then I am not sure who would have done all this work. What a life!

Do yourself a favor and do something creative today!

As some of you know, I love Wonder Tape. I use it for everything and go through rolls of it. It is my secret weapon for sewing. Well, maybe not so secret since I tell you when I find a new use for it.

So I was working on these knit tops today and wanted to sew them on my serger. I, of course, tried it out on scraps but it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. The material wandered too much and maintaining the 5/8″ seam allowance was tricky since the fabric flopped so much. What I needed was to stiffen the edge so I could keep the edge at the right measurement.

So, I applied Wonder Tape to the very edge of the bottom fabric’s seam allowance, peeled away the paper backing then lined up the edge of the top fabric tapping it down as I went. I should explain I was sewing Stretch Chantilly Lace but I will use this method on the slinky knit also.

The Wonder Tape stiffened the edge just enough to accurately serge the 5/8″ seam. And did it without gumming up the blade. And the part of the seam with the Tape on it ended up in the catch tray so I don’t have to wash it out.

Life is good! This is one more reason to love Wonder Tape!

Ok, so my beautiful red coat that I have been working on for months is tantalizingly close to being done. I sewed the Lining/facing to the outer fabric just as it got warm enough to not need the coat. It is so close.

But now I need new blouses and have had the material hanging around the Studio for almost a year. I also have plans for a new dress. The black one can wait but I got a great white silk jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics to make a summer dress out of and it is time to do that.

My work schedule has increased and Hubby’s work schedule has increased so he can’t help me with mine as much as he has been.

So I have made a deal with myself; I will spend at least one hour at the Studio each day. Hopefully, this will allow me to get some of these projects done. I still have a summer jacket on the dressform from last summer to finish too. UGH!!!!

Hubby did do these shirts for our grandson Gavin.

He thought the Bee reminded him of Gavin. This was the first real project either of us had attempted on the embroidery machine. They came out well so we will be sending them off to him in Ohio along with his Dad’s Grad and Ordination gifts. Yep, my son is graduating with a Master’s in Divinity, this month and will be ordained in June. He will be the new Pastor of a Methodist Church in Billings Montana. His wife is graduating in June with her BS in Nursing. With a new baby due in November, I am not sure what she will be doing next.

Back to sewing, I plan on spending a few hours in the Studio today and tomorrow. The blouses are cut out and should be easy to sew. Ann at Gorgeous fabrics inspired the one blouse and Marc Jacobs inspired the other one. I will explain when I post about them.

Project Runway Season 7 ended here in Canada last Saturday. The shows were great! Seth Arron definately deserved to win but I thought Mila’s collection was much better than Emilio’s line. I wasn’t looking to see a RTW  show like he gave us. The clothes were nice but not what PR final collection shows are all about. Some of the designers just refuse to learn from the past.

Went to a Scrapbooking night, last night. I spent several hours strolling down memory lane as I sorted through a bin of pictures. Lots of nice memories of my kids as they grew up. Now that I have done the rough sort, I have to do the fine sort. Unfortunately, only a few of the pictures have dates on them. This will be an interesting job. The fortunate thing is that we moved a lot so it is fairly easy to sort by location/event then try to sort by year. There were a few years when it is tough to tell which of the boys the picture is of. They may be 4 years apart but the resemblence is close.

Have you done something creative today?

Happy Mother’s Day

to all you wonderful

sewing Mothers!!

And any mothers who don’t sew!

As I said in a previous post, I took a vacation/holiday to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a week, at the beginning of the month. My parents, my son & his wife and my brother & his wife live there and it is where I was living before I moved up here to BC. It had been 18 months since I was last there so I have to admit, it felt good to be there and to be back in the States.

My parent’s live in a nice retirement community, in a nice little 2 bedroom apartment. Apparently this is one of the better such communities to be in. Mom and Dad will get most of the care they may need until they die there. Mom has dementia so she will eventually be moved to the Memory unit. If Dad has his knee replacement then he will be cared for in the Nursing home unit until he can return to the apartment. It can be a bit depressing to think about but it is also comforting to know they will live comfortably for the rest of their lives. It is also a great relief that they made this move themselves without us kids having to insist they do it.

There are Guest rooms at this place so I stayed in one not to far from their apartment. Lots of good exercise moving around the place. They have a fabulous chef who serves 3 different entree’s for lunch and dinner. They are the same three for lunch and dinner each day. The food is great. If you are not feeling well, your meal can be brought up to you and if you don’t fancy anything on the menu, there is a basic menu with a few dishes to choose from.

A big part of my trip was to do some shopping. I had my list, catagorized by store type. The sewing store list was the longest. I got lucky and hit JoAnn’s for a 50% off notions sale. I brought back some replacements for me and some items for friends and students  that I can’t find here. I stayed away from fabric this trip. If I need something I can’t get here, I buy it from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics.

I also hit a quilting store I use to shop at and take classes at when I lived there. Mom helped me pick out a pillowcase kit for my almost 5 year old grandson, her great-grandson. We could see a firetruck and part of what looked like a fireman in turnouts, in the package. Boy was I surprised when I opened the package the other day.

I bought some spaceship fabric to use instead. This fabric will go into my stash or if you have a use for it, email me and I will send it to you(North America only please).

I did pick up a charm pack to use in a quilt. For those that don’t know what a charm pack is, it is a pack of pre-cut 5″ squares. The packs can have different numbers of squares depending on who puts them together. Moda is a popular brand of Charm packs. And they come with different themes and color schemes. They are great for all kinds of crafting.

Quilt Works in Albuquerque was putting together an oriental theme charm pack while I was there. I will be contacting them about getting one of them. They say they ship to Canada. 5″ square rulers are hard to find. I finally found one at JoAnn’s.

I bought several books on serging and quilting plus Laura Bennett’s new book and a quilting novel featuring one of my all-time favorite romance authors. I will review these books when I finish reading them.

I guess that’s it for now. Hubby and I hope to spend some time at the Studio today. Everyone do something creative today!