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I don’t suppose my father or father-in-law will read this but they are very dear to me and deserve their own post!

My Dad was and is still very encouraging of most everything I do. My FIL has accepted me into the family after a bit of a rocky start.

Then there is my son who is the father of my grandson and version 2.0 due in November. He is a great son and even better father to Gavin. Since his Dad died when he was young, he has little day to day experience of his own to draw on. He just does it the way it feels right to do it, which he does well.

So Happy Father’s Day Jeremy(son), Marshall(father) and Julius(fil)! And to all the other father’s out there who might be reading this.


I am on vacation. Hubby and I drove down to Portland yesterday and today. We are visiting my daughter to celebrate her birthday and our 5th anniversary. We were married in Portland so this is a great place to be to celebrate.

We decided to stop at Fabric Depot on our way into town. Now for those of you who live outside a major city, like me, this sort of experience does not happen everyday.

As we walked in the store I was impressed with the size of the store and then I realized the store was even bigger as I looked to the left, then I looked to the right and there was still more store!! I stood stock still with my mouth agape totally overwhelmed by the size of this store. And I hadn’t even seen the classroom and other areas off the right side. The classroom is huge! I will be taking a Palmer/Pletsch class there in Sept. There is plenty of room to spread out in there.

I raided the notions wall and attacked the Outside Sale then checked out the rest of the store.

I wasn’t in the market for more fabric but they have¬†plenty to choose from. I bought mostly notions and a few buttons, which are notions but not equipment like most of the stuff I bought. The basket was full and the credit card groaned.

If you are ever in Portland, Fabric Depot is a must see…and spend time…and money! They even have a place for Hubby and kids to hang out while you shop. Plan on spending a good bit of time there, particularly if you are fabric shopping.

Think about something creative today!

I am so excited!! My new website is up and running. Of course it is still a work in progress in a couple places but it is all there.

I ended up using Intuit Web Pages to host it and it really wasn’t any big deal to do. Two two hardest things to do were picking the template and transferring my domain name and those were no big problem for me.

So please add to your favorites to keep up with our class schedules and future upgrades to the website.

I will be carrying on with this Blog. I am happy with it and you all know where to find me so it makes no sense to move it.

I do value your opinions so please email me at with any suggestions for this Blog or my new website. If you spot a mistake please let me know. I am not infallible with my proofreading.

I am so excited about this. Besides the website I have gotten some sewing done but I am mostly teaching right now during those times I get to the Studio. Work is still keeping me hopping. The two blouses are almost done. You will see a picture of one of them on the website.

My current plan is to finish the blouses, the winter coat and the summer jacket I started last fall in the next few weeks. cross your fingers for me.

My diet is going slow but sure. A new favorite is the 120 calories Breyers Ice Cream Cones. You will love them and so will your hips!

Did you do something creative today?