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I just got home from a lecture/presentation by Linda MacPhee of TV fame. She came to the local Fabricland for a presentation of her shopping bag pattern. She also talked about her purse pattern, her Tie Top (#180) and Drawstring Pants patterns.

It was so much fun and an escape from the usual daily grind. I bought the shopping bag pattern and asked for the Tie Jacket pattern that her husband is being kind enough to bring with him when he picks her up this afternoon.

With luck, next spring Linda might do a slinky fabric workshop here in town. I offered my Studio as a place to hold it. How exciting would that be?

If you are looking for a quick and easy holiday gift idea, check out her shopping bag pattern at

What a nice way to spend a few Tuesday afternoon hours!


I finished the pj’s for my almost 5 year old grandson. I posted the pattern picture on a previous post and I mentioned that Hubby picked out the fabric while at JoAnn’s in Portland OR.

Now, it is a bit late in the season for shorts pants so I hope to find some fabric in a solid color that I can make long pants out of for the fall when it is cooler in Montana. It would be too much to hope that Fabricland would have the same fabric so I will just go with the solid.

I got these wood buttons that fits well with the print and will sew them on tonight.

This pattern is a keeper although not for this grandchild. I need a bigger one for him. But grandchild 2.0 will need pj’s too, in a couple years. I like that it works for both sexes and has a nice robe pattern and seasonal options.

I used my sewing machine, serger and cover hem machine on the pj’s and it worked well. Almost looks store bought. The elastic is in the casing but not sized. I will be taking my sewing machine with me on the trip so I can finish sewing it up.

My diet seems to be working. I measured myself in prep for the next garment and I am one size smaller than I thought. I think I will make it one  additional size smaller to give me more motivation. What fun!

Also I will be finishing the jacket. I will want that this fall, if it still fits. If not, I guess I will sell it or give it away. It is too late to size it down.

Have a great week and happy sewing!

Yesterday, Hubby and I took the doggies on a road trip to Revelstoke. It is about 3 hours from Vernon and we made stops along the way.

On the way up we stopped at a Pub, called the Burner, built inside an old beehive burner. Beehive burners were used in the Pacific northwest in the logging industry to dry the lumber. I grew up in northern California and we traveled with a trailer throughout northern California, Oregon and Washington in the 60’s and early 70’s and these burners were a common sight. We saw different sizes of burners, some located out in the rural areas and some in the middle of little towns.

One vacation my Dad ran out of gas in a little town in Oregon. The bigger city we passed through looked busy and he thought there was enough gas to get to the little town across the river. We made it to the next town but it didn’t have any gas stations. We came to a stop infront of one of these beehives. So while Dad walked back across the river to the nearest gas station, my mother, brother and sister and I had lunch and watched the comings and goings at the burner.

So it was with some nostalgia that I sat inside the Burner having lunch.

As you can see, they added a patio to the one side but it does look mostly like it did when it was in use.

The front door is rustic but lovely, with hanging flower baskets and the original doors still there.

Inside, you can look up through glass panels in the ceiling and see the top part of the burner. This one is missing the dome that would have been over the cone. The domes were elevated above the cone to allow smoke and fire to escape.

My dear hubby. I show you this picture so you can look past Hubby’s smiling face to the wood interior and rustic tables and chairs. The theme was well designed inside.

There were quite a few people who came in while we were there. Many were over 50 who would also remember beehives and perhaps this particular one, back in the heyday of the lumber industry. Also several members of the East Side chapter of the Hells Angels were lunching there. That added a little something to the ambiance. 🙂

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride or a drive in the Subaru with Hubby and the girls(dogs).

I promised to post the pattern envelope picture for the red coat. I use large baggies to hold patterns after they have been made because it can be tough to put them back in the envelope. This was taken just before class started last night and I didn’t take it out of the baggie.

The next photo is of the pattern and the fabric I am using to make the quick pair of pajama’s for my grandson.

I am making the shorts and top out of this cute jungle print hubby picked out. I made the robe for him last fall as a Christmas present. I need to get a bigger size pattern now; we’ve maxed this one out. I can use it again for grandchild 2.0 though.

Heading up to the quilt store in Armstrong today. That is always fun! Will see what creative thing I can come up with today.

I haven’t talked about my diet for awhile. I am on the 400 Calorie Fix diet put out by Prevention Magazine. Basically, you eat 4 – 400 calorie meals a day.

It works great for me and my weird eating schedule. Most of my work takes place M-F, 9-4 while hubby tends to work afternoon and evening shifts. He gets home from work at 10pm and eats dinner then. Consequently, I am eating at weird hours.

I much prefer to count calories and eat mostly what I usually eat only in a more thoughtful way.

I usually eat 3 meals and spread the other 400 calories around for maybe a bit extra for lunch or a snack or I save a couple hundred to add to my dinner.

Last night I had half a salmon steak, poached, with a little bit of dijon cream sauce and asparagus in a bit of dijon vinegrette. Yummy! And I still lost a pound without starving myself.

The key, of course, is moderation. So since I started this diet in mid-May, I have lost 23 pounds! I have 9 pounds to go to my first goal weight. And I hope to loose most of that before heading out on vacation in a month. I will undoubtedly have to re-loose a few pounds when I get home. I am terrible at eating out in a low-calorie way. But I have a refridgerated cooler, a hotel room with a fridge and microwave and since we are visiting family, it will be homecooked meals instead of so many restaurant meals.

Hubby is very supportive especially those nights he eats at 10pm and I eat at a more normal time. He jokes that he is on a diet too sometimes but he is happy to eat all those calories I cook and can’t eat and he is still skinny.

I will never be skinny but I do want to loose a few pattern sizes.

I finally finished my red winter coat made with Simplicity 3672, View C only with View A’s single breasted look.

The red is a deeper red than the camera captured here but it is close. I was playing with the settings on my little camera and messed something up because the picture of the pattern envelope is all blurry. I will re-shoot the picture next time I am at the Studio then post it.

As for the coat, there is a big snap on the inside where the other buttons should have been. The buttons are vintage buttons I got from Vintage Necessities on Etsy. I would recommend Marin if you need buttons. She was great.

The fabric is a polyester made to look like wool or flannel, that I got at Fabricland. The brand name is Igloo and it is fabulous fabric and this coat will be warm. I used Kashi lining which is a double-faced fabric of poly on one side and cotton knit on the other. This coat is definately made for the coldest weather up here in Canada. I have enough fabric leftover to make a skirt also. The best thing is it is all washable at home! No dry cleaning bills.

The pattern is pretty good. I had a bit of a problem with the pocket bags. I just was not understanding what they wanted me to sew to what. It is not the usual ‘sew one half of the bag to one front piece and sew the other half to the other front piece then just sew around the bag.’ And I think that is what messed me up. I wanted the instructions to say one thing and they said another. If I make the coat again, I am forewarned. Other than that, the pattern instructions were fine.

My biggest problem, as many of you know, was the bound buttonholes. I learned that thick fabric is not a good candidate for bound buttonholes, particularly if you have never done them before. Luckily everyone will be looking at the buttons and not the buttonholes.

Would I make this pattern again? Yes I would and I probably will. I have some lovely white wool in my stash and I have always intended to make a coat out of it.

So what is left to finish? Well the white print summer jacket made with a Vogue pattern is next. I am going to make a quick pair of pj’s for my grandson first. We are going to visit him and his family next month so I need to make him something. Hubby picked out this fabric at Jo-Ann’s in Portland last month. And frankly, it is too hot for even a summer jacket right now so finishing it can wait another few days.

Now I have to call the landlord and have him check the AC at the Studio. I was sweating in there today so it obviously isn’t working.

I didn’t do anything creative today but there is always tomorrow.

As a woman, I decided to change my mind. Instead of working on the white jacket, I decided to work on the red winter coat instead.

It was a gray, drippy day here in the Okanagan Valley and working on the winter coat felt right. Hard to believe it is July 4th.

So I hemmed the coat by hand and hand stitched the the facing part of the bound buttonhole to the outer fabric.

I would show you pictures but I am not proud of those buttonholes. I think I learned a lesson on this project…don’t do bound buttonholes on thicker fabric.

I do feel like I got alot accomplished this weekend. I look forward to getting into the Studio later this week.

Did you sew something this weekend?