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Posted on: August 28, 2010

Earlier this month, Gwen at All My Seams (link in sidebar) posted about having gotten a neat pincushion from Susan Khalje’s website (also in Sidebar), so I had to go look. Now, I wasn’t really very interested in a pincushion but definately was interested in a few other things she had for sale.

As you can see, I did buy the red pincushion and I like it but I need to lose a few more pounds for it to fit more comfortably. I also bought samples of her Sleevehead material on the left and her Petersham ribbon on the right. They seem to be exactly what I looking for so I will place a bigger order soon.

In the middle is the black Balduc tape. This is used to mark your dressform for draping. It is a thin twill like tape, similar to a shoestring. It isn’t easy to find. Over at The Sewing Divas ( again the link is in the sidebar), Georgene’s latest post talks about looking for this tape in Paris. Not an easy thing to do there apparently. She was eventually able to find it and in Blue and Red colors. She calls it bolduc band but I don’t suppose it makes much difference whether we call it tape or band.

On Project Runway we have seen the designers using a narrow sticky tape to mark design lines on dressforms and I have found a supplier of that. Atlanta Thread has lots of sewing items available online, including things we have seen on Project Runway. I haven’t ordered from them yet so I can’t speak to their service but they are definately worth a try, if you are looking for something you can’t find in your area. I have looked for this tape in my travels with no luck so I will be ordering some tape soon.

Just an aside, also in Georgene’s post is the new Clover chalk pencil set. I have one and I love it. My students love it. It is well worth the money. You should be able to find it in any fabric store.

So coincidences happen in Blog-Land. Interesting that the trip took us from the US to Canada to France and back again. What fun!


4 Responses to "Coincidences"

I am curious to know if you are watching Project Runway in Canada and if so what channel on what day?
I haven’t found it anywhere,

Like you Terry, I am anxiously awaiting the start here in Canada. Last season we were 3 weeks behind the US but the season before it was more like 6 weeks behind. I am expecting the commercials to start anytime now.

Slice had removed Project Runway from their show lineup but it is back on now but still no info on the start date.

I caught the hat challenge when I was in Montana last week and was very pleased with the changes to the look and feel of the show.

The other show I caught while in Montana was a show featuring Santino and Austin from Season 2. They are traveling around more rual areas of the US, making dresses for women celebrating birthdays and other such events. I would love to have that show up here. They would set up a makeshift workroom in a local fabric store or building and use locally available fabrics including vintage and secondhand.

Please let me know if anyone hears anything about the start of PR8.

You can open the pin cushion wider to fit your wrist more comfortably. I am very pleased after I stretched the opening wider.

Actually, it was me with the tight pin cushion, not Terry. And your right I could stretch the opening wider and I may yet do that. Any little carrot in front of my nose to help me lose weight is a good thing. 🙂

Thanks for commenting Joyce!

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