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Extra heat, a bit of steam, Wonder Tape and a clapper seem to help convince the satin to almost do my bidding.

Finished the slip and started the bodice of the gown this afternoon.


It doesn’t press.

I am a huge stickler for pressing as you construct and this stuff won’t press. I am doing french seams so it would nice if it would press flat but noooooo…

And we won’t even discuss the thought of rolling a 3/8″ seam allowance on the armholes.

I am making the slip for the christening gown for my new granddaughter so we are talking very small armholes. I put binding on the neck and that worked out ok but it won’t be good for the armholes.

I am dreading the bodice of the gown itself. It has buttons and a collar. I may go snaky over this little outfit. LOL

Thank goodness for Wonder Tape! I should buy stock.  😉

It was so busy yesterday I forgot to wish all my American readers Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all got to spend it with all the important people in your life and I wish you all the blessings of this holiday season.

And if you are out participating in Black Friday, I will say special prayers for you. Did anyone really get to the stores at 3 or 4 am this morning? That strikes me as being totally insane! There is nothing I want that badly.

I am throwing my annual American Thanksgiving dinner tonight, for my Canadian family. This is always fun and I love to cook for people who love to eat!

Have a great day!

The baby quilt and daughters wall hanging present at my friends being quilted.

I am learning from these projects. First I need to remember to square up my blocks and second, I shouldn’t have pre-washed the baby quilt panel. It was more difficult to finish it off and quilt.

Watch this blog for exciting news about the Studio.

Just wanted to show you the fabric I am using for the crib bedding. First is the crib quilt:This panel is so adorable and a hot seller at Fabricland. I have pink micro chennille for the backing and a nice batting to complete this one.

Next is the patchwork fabric to compliment the panel. I am making the crib skirt and diaper stacker out of this. I have some leftover so I might be able to make something else but not sure what at this point. Everything is cut out and waiting.

I also have the christening gown cut out and ready to sew. I am threading both my machines so I can change off working on them without all the rethreading and changing needles.

Until next time!

Vivianne Amelia arrived in a big hurry this morning. As my son put it “We introduced ourselves to the OB staff after she was born.”

Luckily the baby shower was yesterday and the other grandparents were in town so they dropped grandson off with them, at their hotel, on their way to the hospital.

She is named after her two great-grandmothers. Amelia is my mother’s name.

I am so excited! So off to the fabric store I go this morning to get the bedding fabric I have had my eye on. Then on to the Studio to do some sewing and I also need to clean it today. I have a group using it on Tuesday so it needs to be clean.

PS: Just got back from the fabric store. Luckily they had just enough of the pink crib bedding fabric, I wanted, left. There was a lady behind me who wanted that fabric also but I took it all. Thank goodness Vivianne arrived when she did. 🙂

I am doing some cleaning and straightening and ‘found’ these two fabrics just sitting on a chair waiting. These came from Gorgeous Fabrics (link in Sidebar) a few weeks ago. They haven’t been pre-washed yet because I left them sitting in the wrong spot and then forgot about them.

I bought a mylar halogram fabric from Ann a couple years ago and love the dress I made out of it. So I got the rose fabric to make a top out of. I think it is mylar on jersey from the feel of it.

The other is a gray cutwork knit. I am not sure what I will be making out of it. Maybe a jacket to go over the gray slinky I got in Vancouver. Or perhaps I could use it with the white silk jersey I got from Ann also. I will have to consider this some more.

But for now, I am in Christmas present mode while still waiting for grandchild 2.0 to arrive. Heading for the Studio later this afternoon to finish up my daughters present and start on my older son’s present.