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WooHoo here we go…finally! Slice will be broadcasting PR8 on Saturday’s, starting January 8th. Air times are Noon and 6pm PST. Then again on Sunday at 9am. Check for your time zone. This is the same schedule as we have had for the last couple of seasons. Not much information available on the website yet.

So far I have been able to not hear anything much about this season so I am happy my wait is almost over. I was actually afraid it would be out on DVD before we got it on TV, up here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out while it is airing here.

Yesterday, while channel surfing, I caught the last few episodes of the Fashion Show on the Cosmo Channel. It features Izak Mizrahi and the editor of Harpers Bazaar Magazine. It was definately watchable and interesting. It is also put out by Bravo TV. They even sell the winning designs on Bravo. It is worth checking out.

Spread the word so we get good ratings and let Slice know we are very interested fans!


The beginning of December that is. It has been a very busy month. To start the month off, there was Shoparama. For those of you who don’t live in Vernon, Shoparama is a ‘trade’ show for home and small businesses. It is a very popular happening in December. There is also one in April but it isn’t quite as big. I went to promote the Sewing Studio and our new services.

I had several sewing projects lined up to do over the two days of the show.  I made sure to have the patterns and other items visible for anyone who was interested, to look at. Many lovely conversations were started over these items. I finished the pockets for my Quilt Guild tote bag, the diaper stacker and the Christening bonnet. I also worked on the Christening gown. I considered it a very successful show for me. I gave out over 50 of my business cards and almost as many Class Schedules for January. I actually ran out early in the first day which was bad.

The next weekend was my trip to Montana to meet my new Granddaughter. Being the holiday season, I had lots of work to do beside my packing and finishing the Christening gown. It was finished an hour before I headed for the airport. I packed so haphazardly that there really weren’t complete outfits in my suitcase and I went off without the diaper stacker. My boss wanted me to get several jobs done that just couldn’t wait for the next week, so you can imagine my week was a panic.

Thankfully, the trip was perfect. The airplanes were all on time and not too bumpy. The airports were a people watchers dream. I got plenty of reading done on the planes. My time in Billings went very well. I spent lots of time with the Grandchildren. Gavin is a 5 year old in constant motion and Vivianne is an angel but she also shows signs of being very active when she gets older. The Baptism was joyful and she looked beautiful!

My daughter-in-law Daen is holding Vivianne and of course that is me in the picture. The only glitch was when a button popped off her dress. Gavin retrieved it and tried to give it to his Dad while he was doing the actual water part of the baptism. It was amusing. Not sure why the button popped off since I was sure I had sewn them on well.

I think I mentioned awhile back that I had injured my right rotator cuff and it has continued to be an issue for me. On the trip I was muscling around two suitcases and trying not to hurt the shoulder, and I didn’t. On the way to Montana the suitcases had Christmas presents and the sewing for Vivi and on the way back they had some cooking/kitchen stuff for hubby and some clothes I bought to round out my wardrobe. Two of the items were heavy and didn’t need to go upstairs when I got home but I tried to haul the big suitcase up with these items in it. In the process of doing this, without hurting my shoulder anymore, I managed to sprain or strain my right foot. Doesn’t matter which I did, walking was painful. The next couple of weeks of work were very difficult! But I made it through.

The next couple of weeks were spent working alot and getting things ready for Christmas. I am notoriously late getting my gifts mailed out and this year was no different. I took the first three shipments to the UPS Store the Monday before Christmas. The only that made it to its destination before Christmas was the one containing bedding for the Grand-daughter. The other two should arrive today at their destinations. One other shipment was waiting for a gift to be completed and I tried to send it out yesterday but the UPS Store is closed until tomorrow. That’s a small town for you. The last Christmas gift is on the cutting table now being laid out prior to sewing. Hopefully it will go fast. I will get over there this afternoon to work on it.

My birthday was the 22nd and hubby took me for a very nice dinner. I got a Gift Cert for Findlay’s, the local sewing machine store and a couple DVD’s. Christmas Eve was a lovely Appies dinner and gift exchange at my father-in-laws. Christmas morning was just the two of us having breakfast and opening stocking type gifts. Our gift to each other was a big flat screen TV for the bedroom. I got another Gift Cert; for Fabricland this time, some DVD’s to watch at the Studio and a nice new computer tote bag. Life is good!

All through the month, there has been work done on the new Studio space. There was a bit of demolition at first then the new flooring went in, the drop ceiling was dropped an bit more and expanded and then the painting began. A new lighted sign went up and this week the door decals should go up. Today I will be looking for a pedestal sink. The old sink in the bathroom is falling off the wall. Tomorrow or Thursday we will start packing things up in the old Studio and if it is ready, we will start moving stuff in. I wasn’t sure about the paint in the sewing room. It didn’t look like it was covering up the gray under it.

The shoulder and foot continue to improve. The new Studio continues to come together and the holiday season continues on for another several days. The sun is shining at the moment. Life is generally good. And I have written enough for now. Happy sewing everyone!