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At this point, we basically have a bag, we just need a few details to finish it off. First, the top opening of the bag needs some definition. To get this we take each corner and finger press a cease 2″ from the side seam and pin it together. Do this on all four corners. Then measure down 3″ and mark with a pin. Stitch from the top edge to the pin on all four corners.

Now, I have a bit of a problem with catching the outer pockets in this stitching. Next time I will do one of two things, either keep the pocket out of the stitching or only sew to the top of the pocket and end it there.

Insert the wood pieces in the holders and set it aside

For the handle strap, apply Wonder Tape to the edge of both long sides and fold over on itself. Or press it over 1/4″ on the long sides. Next fold the long edges to the center, butting them up next to each other. Use the patchwork or connecting stitch on your machine to sew down the center.  You are working on the wrong side so make sure it looks good on the right side. Next topstitch a 1/4″ from each long side. This would be a good time to use a decorative stitch. We have them on our machines so here is a chance to finally use one.

Now we need a metal rectangular ring. Put one short end through the ring, turn end under 1/4″ then sew into place. With the strap wrong side facing up, feed other short end through the two wood pieces, on one side then through the other side. Feed end through the ring and attach as before. If you feed it in wrong side up, when you wear it, the right side will show . Center the ring on the one side of the bag, adjust the straps as they go through the wood pieces so they lay neatly.

The final piece of fabric is for the bag bottom. Right sides together, matching long edges, stich one short side and the long side. Turn right side out. Insert your bag bottom. I used a scrap pf coroplast sign board. I understand you can get bag bottom material from Nancy Zeiman’s website also. Whatever you use make sure it is sturdy and lightweight.

I didn’t bother sewing the end shut. I just tucked it under as I put it in the bag. And there you have a great handbag. This is my finished bag.

I think this is a great bag and has a lot of possibilities. I will definately make it again.


Will post all about it as soon as I get caught up. In the mean time here is a link to an article about my Studio that was in last Sunday’s newspaper.

I promise to post in the next couple of days!