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Happy sewing!


I had a great day today, at the Studio. Finally got some sewing done. The pattern for pants had been taped together earlier this week and the tracing was done. All I had to do was lay it out on muslin and put it together.

When I made the muslin I didn’t worry about threads or back stitching. It was a pretty slap dash effort. But I did put the zipper in with little care for making sure it was lined up right. I eaven used a snap on zipper foot which is not known for being too good for zipper insertion. You know what? That zipper was darn near perfect. I was so surprised!

Unfortunately, the muslin still had baggy butt. I redid the pattern with tapered legs and printed it out. I will work on them on Tuesday.

I am making good progress on the top for my Quilt Guild 25th Anniversary Challenge Quilt. I am very pleased with how it is coming out. I think it will be a contender at next months Tea party.

Helped Hubby learn the joys of bias tape for his latest apron project. He is a very good student.

I think I will try to spend some time at the Studio tomorrow. Hubby is working so we have don’t have any plans for Easter. Might as well spend time at the Studio. If I get my laundry done and kitchen cleaned up that is.

Have a great weekend!

Here in the Okanagan Valley we are having a beautiful Easter weekend, so far. The sun is shining so all is right in our little corner of the world.

Happy Easter or Happy Passover or just Happy Weekend to all. I wish sunshine and moderate temperatures for everyone!

I love sewing knits but there are not many commercial patterns for knits, in Plus sizes. It was always a bit frustrating.

But now, Wild Ginger has filled the void with this addition to their PatternMaster Software series. And it is nicely priced at $150 USD. I am looking forward to trying it out. My first project will probably be knit pants.

You can download a demo of this and their other software so you can play with it a bit before buying it.

Patternmaking software can save you dollars and time by giving you patterns that will fit your measurments and in the style you like, from your own home. And if you want to jazz up a pattern, you can do that in the software with the Pattern Editor.

Check it out.
(No, I haven’t been paid to promote this software. I just like it.)

These pictures were in the camera when I did the last post but not sized for posting. I finally had a chance to get to them this morning.

First is a better picture of that quilt that was hanging on the Shoparama booth.

This was made with a Moda Charm Pack that I purchased last year. I got it home and decided I didn’t like it that much. But my son and DIL’s livingroom lacks some color so I made this for them. It will brighten up their livingroom. I had picked up a book with a similarly designed quilt on the cover and took my inspiration there. My friend Shirley did the machine quilting on it for me.

Next is this button front skirt made with a pattern off my Wild Ginger software. Button front skirts are in this season. They are easy to wear and flowy. 

The fabric is a silk/cotton/spandex blend from Gorgeous Fabrics gotten last year and I bought the last of it. It feels so nice to the touch and the bit of spandex helps with preventing wrinkles and gives the fabric recoverability after sitting in it.

Here is a close up of the vintage buttons, from the 60’s. I am very pleased with the look of them.

Heading to the Studio for the day. Looking forward to working on several ‘in progress’ projects. Hopefully a few will get done today. Plus there is some cleaning to do to. Can’t get away from it can we?

Life has been busy this spring but that is the way I like it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to do much posting here so here are a few of the things that have been happening.

Last weekend was Shoparama at the Rec Center. It is a great venue to promote the Studio. Here’s my booth.

The lap quilt had just been finished and will be heading for my youngest son and DIL’s house this next week. Had to show it at Guild meeting on Thursday first.

The red flower material is a chiffon and will be made into a blouse for me, in the near future. I have the pattern so just need a lining fabric.

Next are my winter pajama’s. They are done but it is not cold enough to wear them so I washed them and put them away for next year. The patchwork fabric came from Gorgeous Fabrics (see sidebar) and the pink knit came from Fabricland.

They will be nice and warm next winter.

When I was in Albuquerque last month, I asked my parents if I could have this watercolor wall hanging back since they didn’t have it up in the apartment. I made this in early 1998 or possibly late 1997 and gave it to them. 

It hung a wall under a skylight for 10 or so years. Basically it is in good shape but the outer border has faded in spots. The beige streaks are suppose to be black. I had never quilted the center so good old gravitydisplaced it. I washed it when I got it home which made things worse. My friend Shirley not only quilted it but changed out the batting before she did it. The piece is called Sunset in the Garden so she quilted sun rays. It is fabulous! I gave my sister a companion pillow.

This quilt has been hanging in two houses, in windows covering closed mini-blinds for about 8 years. Surprisingly, the backing isn’t too faded. It too has been freshly washed and the previous quilt and this one are going to be hung in the Studio. This was kit I got off QVC during one of their Hobby Day specials.

Hopefully my Canadian friends and students won’t object.  Maybe I should make a companion Canadian flag quilt.

I have more pictures in the camera. Hopefully I can get them posted this week.

I am working on PJ’s for the Grandson and an easy panel quilt for the Granddaughter. I have also started making blocks for my next big quilt. This one will take some time to get done.  As soon as I am done with the grandchildren’s sewing, I have that chiffon top and a couple skirts to do, for me. Spring is rolling in here in Canada, finally.

Happy sewing!