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May is moving right along! And it has been good so far. The first weekend of the month, Hubby and I took a road trip to Spokane Valley, Washington. A couple of nights in a hotel and restaurant food was just what the doctor ordered.

We stayed in the Oxford Suites across from the Mall and just off I-90. We did some shopping at the Mall, went to Jo-ann’s for notions, Barnes & Noble for a book and Krispy Kreme for donuts of course. It was a good time. We also hit some grocery stores for food items I can’t get in Canada. Ate dinner at Black Angus and Applebee’s. We weren’t too impressed with Black Angus but Applebee’s is always good.

Picked up this book at Jo-ann’s. Has some cute projects in it.

Back on the 12th, I joined 23 other quilt guild members for a Shop Hop. It is a trip done for the Newcomers to the guild, like me but is open to anyone who wants to join in. I drove with 3 long-time members in my car. It was a hoot! We hit some quilt shops I didn’t even know were there. Two were in ladies house’s in somewhat remote locations. I will talk about one of those remote ones in a later post.

I bought a several patterns and one kit plus some notions for quilting on the go. I want to put together a grab and go sewing kit. It is hard to remember to pack everything you might need for a class or retreat so I figure a fully stocked kit is the answer. And I love notions so buying more is not a problem for me. I did buy a couple fabrics on this trip:

Not sure what I will do with them but I liked them.

Just got this queen size quilt back from my friend Shirley who quilted it for me. Still needs the binding. I made the top 8 or 9 years ago. I took a class at Quilt Works in Albuquerque NM. I didn’t get the borders the way I wanted them so it was put away. Not long ago I dug it out and decided to just go with it as it is so I got the batting and backing and sent it over to Shirley. I used Warm and Natural for the batting.

This quilt was a quilt as you go thing but Shirley quilted the border for me. It too is waiting for binding. It is called The Beatitudes Quilt and it is for my oldest son who is the Methodist Pastor and who was featured in a book a few years ago about future leaders of the church and how they personify or live a Beatitude. His Beatitude is “Blessed are those who are persecuted for justice’s sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”. His work in the anti-slavery ‘Not For Sale Campaign’ got peoples attention.

The quilt guild is celebrating 25 years of quilting and service to the community. On Thursday we held a Tea to celebrate. There was a Quilt Challenge as part of the festivities. This is my entry. it is called Silver Starry Night. I wasn’t channeling Vincent Van Gogh, at least not at first. It is just under 25″ x 25″. The 25 stars are appliqued on with my embroidery machine. The tails on the stars were done on my sewing machines. I say machines plural because my main machine got stupid half way through and I finished with my back up machine. I didn’t win the challenge but I was very happy with my entry.

Yesterday I made progress on my red georgette and chiffon blouse. It just needs a hem then I will show you. As soon as it is done, it is back to fine tuning my pants pattern then getting some pants made. I picked up charm packs for lap quilts for Christmas presents while on the Shop Hop. I want to get a head start on them next.

I hope all my Canadian readers are having a wonderful and safe May long weekend. And I wish my American readers the same for Memorial weekend, next week.


Hubby and I were priviledged to experience a rainbow event of epic proportions while we were driving between Kelowna and Vernon last night. Not only was it a double rainbow but it lasted in exess off 15 minutes. At times it was very bright and all the colors were visible. This was the most outstanding rainbow event of my life!

It is hard to see the second rainbow above the brighter one but it is there. Some of my pics didn’t happen as I was having trouble with my camera. The shutter button didn’t want to work.