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Hello my dear readers! Happy Summer to you all! Here in the Okanagan it is more Spring-like than Summer but that is ok with me. I am not fond of heat, so I definately prefer these more mild days. Despite the drippy, cool weather we have had, there is much bird activity outside my window. I am watching what looks like a young sparrow, survey his world.

Sorry that the picture is grainy. The window needs cleaning.

I have been busy but not as much at the Studio as I would like. But when I am there I am working hard. Here is a blouse I made for myself, in anticipation of warmer weather:

It a georgette floral with a chiffon lining. These light, delicate fabrics are a bit different to sew. First, you have to change your needle. I used a 70/10 size. Next, these are ravel-y fabrics so seam finishing is important. I chose to use french seams. I have seen several ways to do these but the easiest way is to put wrong sides together, stitch either a 1/4″ seam or a 3/8ths seam, trim, press right sides together then sew the other measurement. On this blouse I did a 1/4″ seam then pressed the seam with right sides together. This fabric was not easlily pressed so as I have shown you in previous posts, I used a clapper to encourage it to do as I wanted it to do. I then sewed a 3/8″ seam, enclosing the edges.

Two things to consider; first, since it is ravel-y fabric, you will need to trim the first seam a bit before sewing the second one so you don’t get hairy seams that need triming later. The second thing to consider is the final look. sewing a 1/4″ then a 3/8″ leaves you with a fairly wide seam allowance. This can be ok but in this case I should have sewed the 3/8″ seam first, then trimed the seam allowance to less than a 1/4′ then sewed the 1/4″ seam. That makes a more dainty seam.

Finsihed seam allowances

The hem is the next consideration. In light fabrics a rolled hem is perfect. I did it on my serger and I purposely did not try to match the hems or get the lining hem to not show. I wanted the ‘untidy’ look to the hem.

Rolled hemRolled hem

The pattern for this blouse is of my own design. Techincally the blouse is reversible. The hem is a straight hem so it hangs down lower at the side seams than it does at CB or CF. It was an unintentional happy surprise when I first tried it on. Brings more focus to the hem. There is no closures on this top since the neckline is so open, it just slides right over my head. You will be seeing this pattern used again for a beautiful holiday party blouse using a fabulous fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Another project I got done is these PJ’s for my Grandson:

They are Thomas PJ’s.

I don’t think I have mentioned I now sell wide cotton backing fabric for quilters. I bought out a gal’s business and moved it to Vernon and the lobby of the Studio. It fit perfectly. All the fabric is 108″ or better, 100% cotton and I now have the largest selection (over 150 bolts) of these fabrics in the Valley. I have kept my prices reasonable so it is worth the time to come see me. Next weekend I will be in the Merchant Mall at the Sicamous Keepsake Kwilters Quilt Show. I am very excited to be able to introduce my business to some of the local quilters.

I have started my Christmas sewing. With a sprained ankle that kept me off my feet more than normal for the last 5 weeks, I had time to start lap quilts that will be gifts for our parents. I think tote bags will be my gifts for all my girls. I love Charm Packs and have found some nice ones to use for all these projects. Since I am not the best at picking colors and prints that go together, charm packs save me all that anquish and second guessing. And I have to tell you it is nice to get a jumpstart on Christmas. Doesn’t mean I won’t be frantically finishing up these projects in November but the frantic pace should be less.

Well, back to work for me. Have a great week and a wonderful Canada Day or 4th of July long weekend.