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Looks like it will start airing in September but no specific date has been posted yet.

That is way better than last year so I will take it!


I did Update this information in another post but I think I better add it here too. It starts Sept 12th on Slice, at 10pm ET. I hope they have an airing during the day on the 12th so we can record and watch at a better time, at least for those on the east coast. 

For Project Runway fans in the US, Season 9 starts this week! Enjoy!

For fans in Canada, we have to wait a bit longer but the news appears to be better than last year. Season 8 was not shown here until 6 months after it started in the US. Infact the DVD was available while Slice was about half way through airing it. The DVD release was kept lowkey but I did get mine when there were still several episodes left to air.

I did want to show Slice I supported them by continuing to watch their broadcasts and saving the DVD for after the finale episode was aired. It appears the fans won’t have to wait so long this year. I saw a commercial showcasing the new fall lineup and Project Runway was featured.

Of course neither the commercial nor the website is saying when Slice will start broadcasting Season 9. Hopefully, it will just be a few weeks.

Stay Tuned!

I have finally finished this jacket for my client. I made View A out of a nubby silk. This is an unlined summer jacket with four views. Red is a tough color to photograph. Had to ask Hubby for help and he had problems with it too. I ran into this same problem with my red coat. I love red so I guess we will have this problem again in the future. Unfortunately the great topstitching details are not showing well in this picture.

This jacket is architectural with lots of topstitching and pieces. It is meant to be made with a sturdier fabric than the silk the client provided but it seems to have worked out well. I would suggest a cotton sateen or a light denim as better fabric choices and it would be great for linen. If you use linen, serge the seam allowances to together then topstitch and it will look great inside and out and not ravel. Serging the seam allowances together before topstitching is best for any fabric, in my opinion.

The jacket looks like the envelope picture and I would recommend it. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the envelope

There is one issue that popped up and that is the area where the front facing and the collar meet up. They didn’t meet up correctly and basically left a hole between them where the interfacing showed through. When I hand stitched the collar down I also put a few stitches in there to close up the holes. Looking back at the instructions, I am not sure what went wrong there but I would pay close attention to that area, during construction, if I made it again.

The back has lots of topstitching.

I got started on a top and a pair of pants yesterday.  Stay tuned for more on those. Happy sewing!

If I do say so myself!

This is a jacket I am making for a customer and it has a lot of topstitching on it. Up until recently my topstitching was not the best. No matter how hard I tried, I would get wavy lines, to some degree or another.

Then I discovered that using a 1/4″ foot gave me almost perfect topstitching. Yea!! I just run the guide on the foot along the seam and I get perfect 1/4″ topstitching.

This foot is generally considered a quilting foot but it is useful in garment sewing also. Some Kwik Sew patterns use 1/4″ seam allowances so this foot is great for those patterns. And after a fitting for another customer’s dress, I used the 1/4″ foot to make some seams a bit narrower to allow more ease in the hips. For French seams, I use it to make the 1/4″ seam perfect.

Anything that makes sewing a bit easier and gives me beautiful and consistent results is an essential in my book.

Procrastination and I are bosom buddies. After long years of Christmas gifts being sent out after Christmas and birthday cards that arrive after the party is forgotten, my family expects nothing else from me.

In an effort to do better, I have been trying to get organized for Christmas, so I set July as my Christmas gift starting point. With my sprained ankle in May, I did get a head start on some of the gifts, since sitting at my sewing machine was the most I could do that first week. But more on that in another post.

My first suggestion for a great gift is this table runner from Quilt Sampler magazine, Spring/Summer edition. The table runner and placemats is their extra pattern.

Here is the fabric I am using for my first table runner.

This is a quick 45 minute project and you can use your imagination to make it suit your style. Maybe corded piping, ribbon or lace in place of the fabric strip. This is great for those big prints that we all love but aren’t sure what to do with. Make the runner formal or everyday or outdoor style. You could use fusible fleece to pad it out also.

Here is my finished runner. I love it!

This is what the underside of the point looks like:

There are pins in it because I need to hand sew the hem down. You don’t need to hand hem it if you not only read the directions all the way through before you start a project but you read them as you construct the project, not try to do it from memory! I did the stitch in the ditch at the wrong time.

I hope you agree this is a great project that can be made to suit you or your gift recipients, in a short amount of time. Anyone will love it! The magazine will stay on the shelf until Sept. 6th but if it sells out it may not be replenished.

I also got a pattern for a new summer quilt from this magazine. It will be my winter project.

Most of us will be spending time away from home this summer clearing our heads and resting. How about sending your sewing machines for a vacation of their own, to clear out their gears and get oiled?

Maintenance is very important and needs to be done by a qualified technician on a regular basis. While we all know they need a regular visit to the shop, we all hate to be without our machines. Our vacation time is a great time for this to be done. We won’t miss them.

I get asked how often sewing machines should get maintenance. My standard answer is that if you use your machine alot then a yearly visit to the shop is a good practice. If you don’t use it very often then every two years is fine. If a machine has been in the closet for more than two years then it should be serviced before trying to use it. Oil can get things gummy over time and when it combines with lint from thread and fabrics, if can be very bad.

And I am not only talking about sewing machines but sergers and other machines you may have. My serger and coverhem machines need to go in this summer. I have had them a year and a half so they are due.

And don’t forget to buckle in any machines riding in the backseat of your vehicle. An unbuckled machine, can be deadly to you or your passengers, in an accident. Better yet, carry them in the trunk.

Happy summer sewing!

I took a couple of pictures of my booth at the Quilt Show last weekend. I like to do that to remind myself what I did each time. I took four and a half big totes full of 3 meter bundles of backing fabric. That was just a sampling of what I have in the Studio.

The front quilt is my most recent completed one. The top was made about 9 years ago but it didn’t get quilted until this spring. The quilt on the side is one my Aunt Polly sent to me. She has been a prolific quilter for several decades. Not sure if she still quilts or not. Anyway, she sent this to me because it reminded her of me. When I was a baby, she visited me and my parents in Clovis, NM,  when the sunflowers were in bloom. It gets lots of nice comments.

This is the booth on Saturday. There was a Show & Shine going on that day also. Very pretty cars but I wasn’t able to get out and look at them. I love old cars and owned several classics when my first husband was alive.

I did take some pictures of some of the quilts in the show but I am reluctant to post them without permission from the owners. I did come home with a few ideas for quick and easy projects that I will share with you in the coming weeks. Christmas is less than 6 months away!