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For 8 seasons they made 60 minute episodes. This year they did 90 minute episodes. For those of us outside the US, we get 60 minutes episodes this season but they seem to have lost the ability to make a non-choppy 60 minutes.

I have a dog like that. Teach Sadie a new trick and she  losses the ability to do an old trick.

I just hope they do a better job as the season goes on.


What was that?

Just as I was reaching for the remote to change the channel to Slice, my TV fuzzed out! By the time I figured out that it was an isolated problem to that TV and got moved to a different TV in the house, the contestants were already cutting and Tim was making rounds! I was recording it on a PVR but I didn’t go back and start at the beginning then.

As I watched I felt like I had walked into the middle of  a second episode. The program description said that 20 contestants would be cut to 16 in this episode. But they only eliminated 1 contestant. I didn’t count the contestants but it didn’t look like 20. Then during the walk around by Tim a contestant said said something about the judges telling him something they wanted him to do. Then during Judging, the judges said they had told certain contestants things they wanted to see from them. When did this happen?

So I went to the Slice website this morning and the show description says PR9 is a 90 minute show! Slice hacked off the first 30 minutes where they got rid of 4 contestants. Next Monday is also 60 minutes. It will be another hack job.! We need to show Slice we do care about this show.

Go to and tell them you want the whole 90 minutes. Go to their Facebook page, LIKE them then post asking for the whole 90 minutes.

Tell your friends to contact Slice too.

Previously, we made a padded outer fabric and padded straps. We also cut out the lining fabric. So all we have to do is put all these pieces together. We will work in an assembly line manner.

I usually have to trim one side of the outer fabric sandwich so the side edge is even. If you need to trim, nows the time. Next, fold the outer fabric and the lining in half separately and pin.

Sew all four side seams using a 1/4″ or  1/2″seam allowance, your choice. Press seams open.

Now we have to box the bottom of the bag. With bag pieces still right sides together, finger press the bottom fold line. Then,  with a side seam towards you, lay the side seam along the bottom fold. This will form a triangle. Measure your sewing line by using a ruler to measure side to side 4 3/8″ sewing line. Mark it with a disappearing ink or water soluble ink line. For the lining make the line 4 5/8″. If the lining is just slightly smaller it will fit better in the bag.

You only need to sew this seam once. I re-measured after I sewed it down and discovered I was slightly off. Next cut off the triangle, leaving a 1/4″.

Once you have both the outer and the lining fabrics cut, turn the outer fabric right side out. Grab the handles and pin them to the outer fabric. Make sure they are not twisted and make sure they put in the same place on both sides. I like to have the side seams of the handles facing outwards. The seam will be less noticeable when in use.

Slip the outer bag into the lining bag, right sides together, lining up the top edge. Make sure the handles are completely inside and out of the way. I start by re-pinning the handles in place through all layers. Next I have to leave an opening through which we will turn the tote right side out, after sewing. My personal convention is to double pin on both sides of the opening. For Tote bags I leave 5″ between one of the handles. Now match up your side seams and pin together. Fill in the rest of the tote top edge with enough pins to keep it together while sewing. Sew around the top edge using a 1/2″ seam allowance, starting at one set of double pins and sewing all around to the other set of pins..

I tried sewing a 1/4″ instead of 1/2″ and it doesn’t work as well. After sewing, I press the opening to maintain the 1/2″ allowance. Now comes the fun part, turning the bag right side out.

Once it is turned, press the top edge, pin a bit, then topstitch a 1/4″ from top edge. Guide 1/4″ foot over the handles when you come to them.

To finish the tote bag, you can embellish with Yo-Yo’s made from the leftover squares. You can also use the leftover squares to make prairie points and incorporate them into the design of the bag, like I did. A line of prairie points around the top edge would great also. Enjoy your new tote bag! They make great gifts too!

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Dead Muppets!?!?!?! Oh my! New York FashionWeek is upon us. We will be seeing what’s new for Spring/Summer 2012. Frankly, I am still wondering about Fall/Winter 2011. The trends out of Europe are longer skirts and higher necklines. I think we are all trying to hide and comfort ourselves, in light of the current economic realities. We are cheering ourselves up with sparkle and pretty fabrics and the whole world is wearing hats and fascinators.