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Quilt Update 2

Posted on: February 5, 2012

I got the last of the stitch-in-the-ditch done and started the embroidery. This will be a long process. Each embroidery takes about 40 minutes to stitch out. Plus there is a couple minutes to set the center point in the block and then center the hoop.  There are 4 different designs and each will be embroidered 5 times. One design is all done and I have completed the first of the next design. Although I think I will just do each vertical row. It is not a big deal to switch designs each time.

This is the first design:

The thread is rayon with a polyester bobbin thread. This takes alot of bobbin thread. If you can help it, don’t let the bobbin run out in the middle of the embroidery. I am loving the effect.

The other thing I figured out the hard way, is to not let the quilt hang over the edge of the table. Make sure the machine can move freely. It paused and waited for me to take the tension out of the quilt by bunching it up on the table around the machine.

It will be awhile before the embroidery is done. While it was working I finished hemming a Christmas tablecloth. Still need to hem the pencil skirt and to start on the jacket that goes with the skirt. Resolutions are marching on!


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