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Posted on: April 24, 2012

This is another of the early 2000’s projects I have been finishing up. Only the main shell piece had been done so I had to make the turtle look like one. I have always loved turtles from my 25 cent ones in a plastic bowl with a palm tree when I was a kid to Moe and Joe who were with me from 1985 to 2003 for Joe who died and 2005 for Moe when I gave him to my son before moving to Canada. My son gave him to a pet store to be a display and their pet. He was too old to sell. Moe and Joe were world travelers. They joined the family in California. Made a car trip to Montana. Flew in a small plane from Idaho to Montana in crappy weather. Then 11 years later they moved to Albuquerque. For 8 years in Montana, they were a threesome when Sam joined the fun. Unfortunately Sam got a respiratory illness and died.

This turtles’ name is MoeJoe, in honor of my beloved boys.


Here’s the quilted shell.

And here’s the underside.

MoeJoe will keep me company in the Studio. Later this year, I will be putting together two turtle quilts that I have patterns for.

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